Lehenga Choli

Lehngas and Ghagras

lehenga choli, ghagra choli

There is not much difference in a Lehnga and a Ghagra. Lehngas cover the full length below the waist and touch the floors, but, comparatively Ghagras are slightly shorter. The lehngas come in two varieties – sharara and gharara. The sharara style is sleeker. It runs close to the body till the knees and then broadens in full flare at the falls and borders. It is like the ground-kissing gowns of the Western world. It renders a mermaid look. The gharara is split like a divided skirt. Both are worn with a kurti and a full odhni.

Complimenting the loose-fit ghagras and lehngas, the choli snugly fits the bust of the woman to define the curvaceous female form. The choli usually has heavy embroidery-work over thick fabric. Ghagra-choli, or lehnga- choli can also make a thin figure gain a few virtual inches or a plump figure look slimmer. A choli that has the same color as of the lehenga, made of the same fabric and with vertical stripes, de-emphasizes bulk. In addition to these, an exaggerated shoulder gives a taller appearance to a shorter woman. Flouncy ghagras should be avoided by those who are not so tall and shapely. Appliqué work suits a slimmer woman especially when poised with multiple patch work or horizontal stripes suit thins and narrow-shouldered women well.

Ghagra-cholis have come out of the label of wedding-wear and bridals and came out into competition with party attires. Woman still believe in a slight modification of traditional looks and churning out great fusions. Fusions have always struck a balance between tradition and western trends. Once this was understood, there was no looking back for lehngas and ghagras with sleek cholis. It came out afresh with a challenge to party wears like spaghettis or tank tops and gowns.


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