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Indian Saree Motifs and Designs

04storeroomSaree motifs and designs in India are crafted in bright and classy colours. These are designed according to the trends of different regions of India. The motifs and designs are available in georgette sarees, sequin sarees, casual sarees and several other sarees. Saree motifs and designs are famous in India as well as in the international market. These Indian designer saris are beautifully crafted from different fabrics in variable patterns and bright color combinations. Motifs objects like conch, elephant, horse, peacocks, parrots, fish, hunting scenes, scenes from the epics are elementary designs in today’s designer Indian saris.

Saree motifs and designs in Indian sarees provide the specific needs, tastes and a traditional looks to Indian women. Women residing in India or abroad prefer designer sarees rather than other dresses for wedding and different other functions and are considered more cultural women. Indian designer sarees are in high demand around the world due to its quality material and look that are time taking and are made with great efforts. You can get these designer saris in variable shades and in an eye-catching appeal. Sarees in their every form typifies the eternal beauty of the female form. The motifs in Indian sarees indeed play an important role as to a large extent the fame and elaboration of this magical cloth depends largely on these.

Saree motifs and designs are knitted on the whole fabric and in the border of the saree. These motifs and designs woven on the Indian sarees are generally symbols of birds, floral design, animals, ornamental designs and several other intricate figures and designs.  Some of the saree motifs and designs in Indian designer sarees are hand woven which are knitted with heavy gold silk threads in a three-dimensional effect. You can find out saree motifs and designs with stones, beads, sequins, and silk threads embroidered in different patterns. These Indian designer sarees are made attractive with variable designs and motifs along with embroidered floral works. They have gorgeous blouse pieces and pallu with bandhini dyed leaf design work.

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