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The Complete Resource Book for Famous Indian Attire

If you are a person passionate to know more about Indian Saris and its ways of preparation methods like weaving styles and its importance, then you must refer the book “‘Indian Saris: Traditions – Perspective – Design” written and compiled by Vijay Singh Katiyar.The book was written over four and half years focusing on the Indian Sari as a product fulfilling all the aspects of people’s needs like psychological, physical and social and its unexplored relation ship with the people.

The book mainly based on old and famous attire Indian Sari was released in New Delhi on Wednesday, November 11.The goal of the writer was not only to describe the complex traditional significance art of the Indian Saree and throw light on the modernity of the Indian Saree prevailing from ages but also pay a tribute to the hardwork and genious of Master weavers of Indian.

This prestigious book on Indian Saree was released in India by Wisdom tree and the National Institute of Design at an event hosted mutually by Craft House and Chivas.The book was presented by the country known Lok Sabha member Maharani Chandresh Kumari, the volume showcase images and stunning visuals of the wide range of Indian Sari and visuals are well arranged starting from past to the modern contemporary designs acting as a complete resource to visualize the famous Indian Saree attire and know it closely then ever.

The book has already received international status because it was launched in London in the United Kingdom this year in April and this will help this famous attire of India to have a presence across the globe.

The book is available in a hardback edition and prices at 3495 INR only. The readers can also find more information on Indian Sari like design jargon and different style of draping this attire.

On this auspicious occasion, Mr Vijay Singh Katiyar conveyed his association with handloom industry as a designer and his past experiences encourage him to write this book to present the Indian Sarees to the users from a designer’s perspective and mind and showcase its nuances, benefits and added that traditional sarees design can be a key point in growth of the creative industries.

He explains further that study of the traditions has been done more from a social culture boundary but one must also understand that design and comprehensiveness are also important and play a key role in the growth of the handloom sector and paves way for its development.

The writer has already completed a book on similar theme in the past known as of ‘Design Education: Tradition and Modernity’ and has begin his work on writing a book for different draping styles of Indian Sari from its Culture, History and association point of view.

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