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Satin Lehnga Choli: a silken touch to traditional attire

lehenga choli
Indian Lehenga choli has traveled an extensive way from the royal courts of Mughal Empire to a preferential dress of Indian women for all kinds of formal occasions. It is fascinating to know about lehenga history, which says that it is worn by women since Mughal era. At that time it was considered as a dress that had the ability to decorate Indian beauty in the most self-effacing way. Even today, the quintessence of Mughal culture is very much intact and is portrayed in conventional Mughal designs.

Through history, the lehenga has undergone very modest alterations. In fact even today leading manufacturers do not fail to lift traditional patterns form the golden Mughal era. The ensemble still comprises a conventional long skirt, the choli and the dupatta. The fabrics used to make the lehenga are in fact the same as those used under the grand Mughal King, Akbar i.e. silks, satins and brocades.
Satin has a lush, rich and silken feel. Usually used as a lining material, satin fabric is also used to make Indian dresses. Indian satin lehenga cholis have become very trendy since satin is versatile and can carry substantial embroidery weight. Satin lehenga choli is fundamentally worn by muslim ladies. Satin ghagra cholis are generally of brilliant colours, especially red and maroon, which are very common.
Satin Fabric
Satin is a cloth that characteristically has a glossy surface and a dull back. A satin is a warp dominated weaving technique that forms a minimum number of interlacing in a fabric. If a fabric is formed with a satin weave using filament fibers such as silk, nylon, or polyester, the corresponding fabric is termed a “satin.”
Various designs available on satin ghagras are as follows:

  • Satin ghagra with golden hand embroidery on choli.
  • Satin ghagra with golden zardozi, stones and beads embroidery all over choli and skirt.
  • Satin ghagra with beautiful resham embroidery.
  • Satin ghagra with zardozi embroidery on Choli and so on.

Whatever the design or colour of such ghagra cholis may be, the very rich and glossy feel of the fabric make satin lehenga cholis very attractive and gorgeous.
Satin lehenga is the most preferred dress during Navratri and weddings/parties as well. Due to its luster it glitters as light falls on it. Mirror work is not required on this outfit as it exudes its own sheen. This type of dress is famous all over India.. Being made up of satin fabric it is of high significance. Satin Lehanga cholis offers an incredible variety of embellishments and craftsmanship. The Satin lehanga cholis set can be worn either with or without a ‘dupatta’ which is a long thin shawl draped over the shoulders. Some of them come with weighty embroidery and loaded designs which are usually worn on special occasions. All these qualities have indeed made the Satin lehenga choli as one of the most preferential items in the women wardrobe.

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