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Indo-Western Salwar Kameez; Combination of East and West

salwar kameez
Salwar kameez suits with what ever body structure you have, whether you are skinny, tall or short, plump. This is a dress for the Punjabi’s but that does not mean that only the Punjabi girls only can use this dress. It is actually very much popular across the world. Even in the foreign countries you will find a wide collection of designs, colour combination and styles with the ever changing personality of Indian women.

Both the young and the old Indian Women are going for the western apparels. Designers are thinking of inventive ways to attract their attentions back towards the old salwar kameez. The designers have come up with the idea of indo-western salwar kameez which is the combination of western looks in the traditional garments. Some unique look gives this fusion of the east and west a contemporary. This dress is very stylish and very comfortable and women are taking up this style very quickly.

The indo-western style salwar kameez is mostly a simpler and easy to manage than that of the old style. The indo-western suit gives a classy look. The unique features of this style are that they may have a sleeker looks with the dresses which are very popular in the western country. Spaghetti straps, deeper neck lines and sleeveless kurtas can distinguish them from the other types of kurtas. The main purpose is to look more attractive while maintaining the slightly reserved look that the salwar kameez provides. The designs of the kurtas depend on how you choose.

The indo-western salwar kameez have Indian designs and it has embroidery work with a western cut and hangings. So the designer offers a huge range of choices and can give you from day wear to night wear. These salwar kameez are adaptable enough to be worn in a casual day trip or on a special occasion.

Salwar kameez is the most popular, comfortable and widely worn dress in India. It is mostly popular among the women in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan and is often worn in Afghanistan. A salwar kameez has three parts. A salwar is a loose pajama-like trouser with legs wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. The upper portions are pleated into the waist with a drawstring. The traditional salwar is very comfortable to wear and has lot of gap for free leg movements.

The kurtas or the kameez is a knee length flowing dress. The side seems to be left open. The dupattas generally completes the suit. Nowadays the dupattas are the stylish fashion accessory which is worn over the shoulder or draped around heads for cultural, pious and sensible reasons.

Anarkali Salwar kameez is certainly a very relaxed outfit especially in summer when the temperatures are rising up every body likes to wear light cotton salwar kameez. If these salwar kameez are stitched properly it gives a graceful look by which the westerns are deeply encouraged by this art of stitching. This indo-western salwar kameez gives a stylish, womanly, and elegant looks to any Indian lady.


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