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Salwar kameez, Churidar Salwar Kameez – Meeting Point of Grace and Feminism

salwar kameez
Salwar Kameez has been one of the most elegant and sophisticated Indian attire for the women of all age groups. India is distinctive for its dressing styles in both regional and religious variations and stands as a prominent nation with ample of discernable colors, textures, and styles. Singe ages, shalwar kameez is considered to be superb wear for any occasion and event. In fact, it goes great with both casual and formal purposes including little adjustments. With this attire, you can actually accentuate the female body with more space, and embracing unique design, style and elements as well.

Salwar Kameez is probably the loveliest graceful female clothing. The attractive quality and comfort has taken this outfit much beyond the geographic and cultural miscellany of India. Many reviews say that just after saree, this is the most popular feminine attire in the country. However these days, many non-Indians are also seen to wear this pleasant apparel with high esteem. Traditionally, salwar kameez is made up of three parts, namely salwar or churidar, kameez and dupatta (or chunri). The salwar or churidar is the lower portion or a pajama-like pant which is loose fitting and drawn with strings tightly in at the waist. With years, this style also differs with evolving fashion like being tightly fitted around the legs.

The kameez is the upper part of the suit which looks like a long tunic. In this case also, the length and cut of the tunic is changing with fashion. The tunic can be long and flared, and also short and straight. These days, wearing shorter kameez, called kurta that creeps up quite a few inches above the knee is into fashion. The complete set of traditional salwar kameez includes a dupatta. This is a long, matching scarf making the dress more beautiful. It can be worn in different ways, sometimes over the shoulder or around the neck. This is also a sign of respect to elders. Usually, in places of worship, (mainly prevalent in Punjab) Indian women use dupatta around their heads.

Shalwar kameez, the graceful attire is often known as the punjabi suit because of its original association with Punjab. However, this has become more famous as “Salwar-Kameez” all across the globe in various designer forms. The tailors and designers use wide range of Indian fabrics and its diverse rich colors to make a salwar kurta. Sometimes, heavy embroideries are added to make it a party wear or bridal dress. With its tremendously appealing look, salwar kameez is the ideal garment for college girls, women at work place, and even as the casual wear while you must be relaxing at home.

Apart from various reasons related to its grace, feminism, style and versatility, salwar kameez is indeed a very comfortable choice, especially in scorching summer. You will see majority of Indian women wearing the salwar to stay cool in the summer days, as it does not stick to the body and keeps you cool and ventilated.

The grace of anarkali salwar kameez also comes in its unlimited design possibilities. Though, the traditional look is still in demand, thanks to the designers variations in styles have always persisted. The length, cut, and patterns of both salwar and kameez changes almost every year and even in all the season. The fame of this garment essentially keeps the designers busy in all the seasons to alter the on hand style and bring in fresh look. Some of the most in-vogue salwar kameezes include the traditional, party wear, kurta churidar, printed, Indi western and short kurta styles. The traditional one has a salwar, a kameez and a corresponding long scarf. Generally it is fitted in the bust area and then gradually looses from the hips down to the knee. These are excellent for casual wear and cotton is the best fabric, thus making it cool and graceful.

The Party Wear salwar kameez is made to suit any celebration or festival. These are made of gorgeous fabrics like silk, georgette, crepe, satin etc. Usually both in dupatta and kameez heavy embellishment are done with embroidery, needlework, mirrors and even precious stones. The colors used are bright and festive ones to make the salwar kameez look elegant and wonderful. In a churidar type salwar kameez, the attire is more tight-fitting at the hips and thighs and also has extra length to wrinkle up around the ankles. These creases usually look like the churis and the salwar thus gets its name. It’s much into fashion nowadays with a short kurta of contrasting color.

You also get printed salwar kameez on different fabrics like chiffon, georgette, cotton to bring a bright, vibrant look. The Indo-Western salwar kameez is the fusion of Indian tradition and international trends. Here, the kurta is usually short. They can also be available in sleeveless or with thin straps or with short sleeves. In brief, the grace and feminism of salwar kameez is still appreciated and in demand amongst Indian women.


  1. it was basically a local dress of Punjab but now a days it popular a; over the country because of its looks ,i like to wear salwar kameez with chori dar pajama .it look so cool on me


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