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Indian Salwar Kameez, Churidar Kameez – Our Ethnicity, Our Pride

The fame and comfort of the Indian salwar kameez has reached such astounding heights that most of the fresh breed designers have started channelizing a chief portion of their ingenious abilities to give this ensemble a novel look. Varying from the ethnic feel to the cocktail look, the salwar kameez goes with all occasions. What could be better and more innovative than adaptation of embroideries and other designs on salwar kameez. The Indian salwar kameez too has had many design changes. The new designers have come up with great variations of the Salwar kameez.

Designer Salwar suits have no parameters of creativity or it does not follow traditions upto some extent. Designer Salwar Kameez may be the result of non-uniform creativity, unmatching imagination, odd combinations, uneven proportion, number of fabrics but indeed gives the value to the community who wears it.

embroidered salwar

Bollywood has a very hot market of designer salwar kameez. Bollywood actresses have a liking for this type of salwar kameez, which makes them look attractive. Salwar kameez is the traditional dress worn by various people of south-central Asia. It is the national dress for both men and women in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is also popular among women in India and Bangladesh.

Essentially a medieval garment, the salwar kameez in its original form was brought into the country by the Muslim rulers. Salwar kameez was brought into India as a courtly garment from the central Asian invaders, and slowly became the popular attire of the people of the country with the spread of Islam. The combination of three pieces-Salwar, Kameez and Dupatta forms Salwar Kameez or commonly known as Suit in North India. The kameez or the kurta is knee-length worn over salwars. Salwars are loose-fitting pajama type trousers. Women generally wear it with a long veil or scarf called the dupatta or churni.

The Indian salwar kameez has changed over time. With its descent from the courtly to the daily wear costume, it became more localized and the regional dress in the northern parts of the country, like in Punjab and Haryana. With the freedom movement in the country, the salwar kameez acquired a more nationalistic and broader base often stretching to other parts of the country. Today the costume is synonymous with the national costume of the country along with the sari.

anarkali salwar

The salwar kameez is preferred among Indian women over other dresses as it is one of the most comfortable all weather outfits we have. There is no denying the truth that the salwar kameez is very elegant and lends the wearer an aura of womanly charisma. Moreover it is accessible in innumerable designs, materials, and sizes and suits all pockets and is easily available. The salwar kameez is one outfit, which will make you look your best no matter what your vital statistics is.

Unlike many outfits, wearing a salwar kameez you can actually go to formal and semi-formal events, work, college, parties, dinners, or even just out for shopping. The Indian Salwar kameez is the second most popular Indian dress after saree and is gaining quick popularity with the youth.

Traditional salwar kameez comprises of elaborate mirrorwork, bead work, zardozi, zari, dabka, kashmiri, kundan, chikankari, phulkari handwork in silver and golden threads, floral prints and striking motifs in checks, rajasthani, batik, bandhej, jaipur and tie dye patterns which imparts an ethnic look. Here are some well-liked variants of the Indian salwar kameez:

Churidar Kameez: Churidar Salwar Kameez is one of the most preferred variations of the usual Indian salwar kameez. Here a woman wears a ‘churidar’ in the place of a ‘salwar’. The churidar is a slimmer adaptation of the ‘salwar’ emphasizing the ankles and knees. This looks best on tall ladies, stressing their long legs.

churidar kameez

Kurta / Kurti Kameez: The newest variation of the traditional salwar kameez, is very renowned among the youth. The term Kurta or Kurti are used to describe the shorter kameez. Most women prefer to wear these without the chunni / dupatta. Many well known garment brands have brought forth the best kurta designs that can be coordinated and mixed with apposite churidar / salwar.

Designer Salwar Kameez: With escalating fame of the traditional Indian salwar kameez, fashion experts have designed astonishing variations in the conventional Indian salwar kameez. These days, salwar kameez are found in heavy embroidery work in zari, sequins and zardosi. Lucknow has earned repute for its popular chikankari suits.

The next time you buy Indian salwar kameez check out the various alterations of the garment found now. Traditional salwar kameez are obtainable in a range of combinations like Sharara, Lachcha.

The Indian salwar kameez has spread its fame even in the western world so much so that even fashionable youth icons like Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez are known to wear and buy Indian salwar kameez in this day and age!


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