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Patiala Salwar Kameez – Punjabi Ethnicity

Patiala salwar kameez are taking the fashion world by storm nowadays. Their stunning silhouette has swept away hearts of many women. Loose fitting, comfortable yet fashionable is their eye catching part. Their one fleeting look is sufficient to imprison your attention.

Basically it is a dress from Punjab but its enticing appeal gradually has made an impact in other parts of India as well. Many women have adopted this self-effacing outfit as it is just the right mix of traditional as well as stylish look.

patiala salwar
Patiala Salwar Kameez or Patiala Suit has a special historical background. There is a legend behind the name. Patiala is a place in Punjab in North India. In olden times, the Maharajas (King) of Patiala were very famous. Their dress was a pleated and baggy type salwar with long loose kameez in full sleeves. The dress emanated ethnicity, culture as well as royal comfort. In the new modern era, women copied this dress and named it Patiala Salwar kurta or Patiala Suit.

Patiala salwar kameez has pleats on the salwar in a falling manner. This draping effect imparts an attractive look and the drape falls like a fluid. It is worn with a short and tight kameez for balancing the ratio. Just like other salwars, patiala salwar also has drawstring waist. Falling pleats of salwar provides ease on wearing it.

Patiala salwar kameez actually look like this. It has printed salwar as it is the main pattern of the dress. The dupatta has phulkari work in satin or silk threads while kameez is basic, uncomplicated, fitted and is high above knees. Go for cotton fabric to look stylish in this fabulous outfit. There are specific figures of women on which this fashion looks remarkable. For pear shape figures, it does wonders by camouflaging their bottom weighty part with the drape and pleats. It is very fine wear for the summer season to remain cool due to its comfy and slack fit.

On short stature women this Indian salwar kameez looks excellent. It is because the tight fitting kameez and draping salwar give a false notion of height. But the kurta should remain above the knee.also, the kurta should be short enough so as to display the loveliness of the salwar. Long kurtas can also be worn but do not look good. Also keep the slits at the sides of the kurta can be kept long i.e. up to the waist.

patiala salwar kameez
There is no stringent set of rules for the designs and patterns for sleeves, neck designs, front and back neckline depth and curves and cuts. Patiala salwar is very comfortable to wear because of its wonderful fit. The whole set comes in variety of fabrics, colours and patterns starting from plain, printed and embroidered designs. This is a very common dress for Punjabi ladies in India and abroad.

With times this Indian salwar kameez has advanced a lot. Today it has taken a quick gorgeous turn. This evolved form has set no rules and is absolutely versatile and adaptable with respect to fabrics, colors, sleeves, necklines, curves, styles and cuts. It all depends on your individual preference. Though fabric wise it is obtainable in all known materials like cotton, georgette, crepe, silk, etc. but with silk and rich fabrics it significantly raises the glamour quotient.

Patiala salwar kameez can be kept plain or can be embellished depending on the event. It can be embellished with diverse works or embroideries like sequins, stones, beads, lace, thread, patch work and so on. When it comes to footwear flats, chappals, kolhapuris or juttis are be worn as they showcase your femininity even better.

Accessorizing it is a must to complete the look. It may be much or less depending on the style of dressing and the occasion. With patiala salwar kameez minimum accessories are more than enough as the salwar of the attire is the focal attraction. Thus do not over do accessories. A simple and minimalist choker, bracelet, simple earrings will do the trick for you effortlessly.

Designer Salwar kameez in the patiala pattern apply work like uneven patches of different fabrics on the base fabric and do an assortment of resham embroidery, silver embroidery, golden embroidery adding metal beads, real pearls, different shapes and curves, stylish cuts, buckles, wood beads, glass beads, glass work, lace work, net work with sexy looking linings. Designer salwar kameezes are ideal for marriage and party wear.

Hence it’s proved meticulously that the patiala salwar kameez is indeed vastly accepted in the fashion world of today. It finds the finest place in the wardrobe of women for its cut, style, embellishments, fabrics and color blends. Go out wearing a patiala salwar kameez and find eyes stalking you wherever you walk.


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