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Modern South Indian Silk Sarees

silk sareesWhen you think of South India, invariably a picture of different kinds of silk sarees comes to one’s mind. The South Indian bride even today desire to wear the traditional silk saree for her wedding. With the changing fashion trends, sarees have also seen much of variations. Retailers in South India are best known for their different unique aspects in Sarees.

Some of the significant innovations amongst the silk sarees by South Indian retailers have attracted the attention of not only trendy women but also the fashion designers who are constantly in search of outstanding pattersn done with the traditional attire of saree.

You will find the saree-shirt combo that is also known as the ‘Jodi Pattu’. These are the sets which have designed sarees with a matching shirt piece, meant for the lady’s husband. This set is usually bought for gift purpose. Both the saree and the shirt are manufactured from pure handloom silk. The saree reflects a gorgeous embroidered pallu and identical embroidery on the shirt piece as well.

The color-changing saree is especially famous in south India. These Sarees are made of a special fabric that changes colour with the angle of light on it. Thus, when the woman moves out of her house wearing this saree, the colour will change as it was seen indoors. The retailers have claimed that this is the first ever color-changing saree seen ever.

The Durbar Krishna Saree reflects a famous picture of Lord Krishna in the pallu, where the Swarowski crystals have also been used to beautify the pattern even more. This image on the saree has some influential factors and is believed to bring good luck to the owner. You will be amazed to see the zip-n-wear saree that has four different but matching pallus; each of these pallus have an attached zip. The wearer of the saree enjoys the choice of detaching one pallu and attaches the other. Another famous silk saree variation is the pocket saree; these sarees have pockets that can hold a cell phone and other small items.

You can also see the landscape saree in south India that is made of pure silk and has the rural landscape is woven into the pallu. Denim saree has also reached great momentum amongst young girls who once thought handling a saree is a tough task. This is a pure silk saree with a casual look of denim. It has the name of denim, but retains the soft and royal feel of a silk fabric. Thus, you see although silk is a traditional fabric of India, the retailers and designers have brought about too many variations to fit into all kinds of choice. Women of all ages and all preferences can now adorn themselves in these unique south Indian sarees at all occasions. Brilliant with colours, embellishments and pallu work, these sarees have made the idea of wearing this traditional attire in a much easy and faster method.


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