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Evergreen Salwar Kameez for Brides

For an Indian bride, salwar kameez form an indispensable part of her wedding trousseau. Of all the traditional Indian dresses, the salwar kameez provides just the right blend of comfort and style. Even though mostly Punjabi ladies have been known to wear salwar kameez suits on their wedding day, brides from other parts of India too are waking up the possibilities of wearing a salwar kameez for their wedding. Bridal salwar kameezes are richly embroidered with a lot of gold and silver zari work, kundan, stones and crystals to make them look gorgeous and dazzling.

churidar kameezWhat is a Salwar Kameez
The salwar kameez is one of the many traditional dresses worn by Indian as well as Pakistani women. It consists of a shirt like top, a loose trouser and a stole worn around the neck. The top or kameez is tailored like a tunic which is usually knee length, though in some cases it may be shorter. It has side seams beneath the waist line to allow easy movement. The salwar is a pajama like outfit with attached strings to fasten it around the waist. Lastly, the stole, also called a duppatta/chunni, is a long length of clothing made from fabric matching that of the salwar and kameez. The chunni is either hung on one shoulder or draped around the neck.

salwar kameezTypes of Kameezes
There are plenty of styles available in salwar kameezes today. Some of them are relevant to the kameez only while the others pertain to the salwar or both. Popular styles in salwar kameezes include the basic fitted kurta where the measurements are form fitting, the Angrakha style which is a replication of the kurtas worn by court musicians with one side overlapping on the other, the Anarkali style which is fitted till the waist and ends in a skirt like flare till mid-calf and the A-line suit which is a flared kameez over a salwar. A number of women also opt for the kurta style suit wherein the kameez is loose fitting with a collared neck and the salwar is usually billowy.

bridal salwar kameezTypes of Salwars
The various salwar styles include churidaar, patiala, pathani, pajama and bell bottom trousers. The churidaar is a tight fitting pair of over-long trouser which is buttoned at the cuff and the extra material falls in ring like folds at the ankle. The patiala is flared with a lot of pleats similar to harem pants. It widen from the hips and tightens at the cuff to give an elegant look. The pathani salwar style adapted from the ones worn by Pathans. It is baggy at the top and tapered towards the ankles. The pajama type salwar has a straight fit like that of western trousers while the bell bottom style is tight till the knees and flared out from there in the shape of an inverted cone. The pajama and bell bottom style combines eastern and western sensibilities as fashionistas incorporate western influences in traditional clothes.

Bridal salwar kameez sets are made from rich fabrics which give the finished garment a very luxurious look. Satin and silk are the most popular choice as their sheen and finish make them ideal for weddings. Apart from these, tissue, crepe and even velvet and georgette are considered as good options for bridal salwar kameez sets. The finished pieces is heavily decorated, so the fabric used to stitch the garment is chosen accordingly. The budget, the weather and of course the comfort factor is also a consideration while purchasing the fabric.

Colors of Bridal Salwar Kameezes
While most traditional brides opt to wear red, other colors like golden, onion pink, orange, yellow, green and rose are also quite trendy now. Some designer varieties even combine two or more shades of the same color or contrasting colors for a striking effect. Eye-catching combinations such as red and green, brown and orange, blue and yellow or pink and orange have become quite common. But, whatever the choices you may have, the ultimate decision depends on your preference, time of wedding and what suits you as well.

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