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A Guide to dressing in a Saree

Lehenga Style WrappingSaree, the ethnic dress of India, has often been called the most elegant of all garments. It is the regular clothing worn by women in the Indian sub-continent. As a dress it appeals to women of all ages and is gaining a lot of popularity outside India as well. While older women prefer ethnic weaves, the younger ones go gaga over the designer varieties. The overall demand for sarees in the market has thus, risen quite significantly.

The sari weaves a mystical charm around the wearer as well as the onlooker. The folds of a saree have a lot of character hidden in its depths. The allure and comfort of a sari makes it the unique dress that it is.

The way a saree is draped across the body is different in each state of the country. Till up to a few years ago, a saree was worn with full sleeved blouses with no designs at all. The saree was draped according to the ethnicity of the wearer. Toady, the simple act of wearing the saree has been elevated to an art form.

Sarees, today, are paired with sleeveless blouses, cholis and even tank tops. The drape of a saree is improvised to flatter a person’s figure. However, if it is not worn properly, a saree appears extremely bad and can also look ridiculous. Thus, it is very important to wear a sari in the right way and right style.

Wearing a saree can be a little complicated for someone who is not used to wearing it, but with a little practice it becomes much easier. For those who need to know more on wearing a saree, here are a few tips:

1. Fabrics like cotton, tissue, tussar and organza look good on people who are tall.

2. Wearing sarees made of georgette, chiffon or mysore silk helps in hiding a little extra weight and makes you look slimmer.

3. Short women look good in narrow borders while tall women can opt for broad borders without fear.

4. Small and delicate prints look much better than big bold prints. Smaller prints are much more refreshing.

5. For formal occasions where you might be required to walk around, arrange the pallu in pleats. Not only does this look neater, but it is also more manageable.

6. For party wear, pin up one layer of the pallu in a pleat and the let the rest flow over your hand.

7. If you can carry them off, wear high heels. They show off the saree as well as your figure to their best advantages.

8. Wear sensible underclothings. Sarees are cumbersome as it is and you do not need the extra tension of uncomfortable undergarments.

9. Accessorize suitably. The right accessories will make you look like a million bucks, but the wrong ones can make you look dreadful.

10. Be confident of yourself. Believe that you are looking good and you will feel much better about yourself.

Now that you are well versed in the art of wearing sarees, hope you are ready to make jaws drop the next time you wear one.

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