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The Beauty of Hand Made Embroidery

heavy hand embroideryWhen we talk about India and Indian Fashion invariably the traditional wear the evergreen sari and the salwar-kameez. Saris are the inevitable part in the wardrobe of any Indian bride.. the sari has traveled a long way since the ancient times just being as a long cloth of 4-9 meters.. But recent times have witnessed the change in the look of the sari. Sequences, embroidery, patch work, stitches are all an eternal part of Indian attire which enhances the beauty. Embroidery work is often regarded as the best form of art which is highly demanded by men and women. Embroidery work is flawless for adding beauty to any dull fabric. So, lets discuss about the beauty of hand made embroidery.

Embroidery is the art or handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn. Embroidery may also incorporate other materials such as metal strips, pearls, beads, quills, and sequins. Technically it is the stitches all along the border of the sari and the pallu and sometimes over the body also to make it more beautiful and elegant and captivate any women. Hand sewing embroidery over the sari is the most traditional ways. It is done entirely with the help of thread and needle. Sometimes to give it a new look beads sequences, stone sequences are also set in-between the stitches to make it more exquisite.

intricate embroideryPink and grey combination saris with silver embroidery and thread work for example is most women’s favorite. The rich heritage and culture of the place automatically gets reflected in their work. Indian embroidered products have a massive demand at the international level. Indian Embroidery projects a picture of a variety of Indian customs and cultures. Embroidery work is mostly done in georgette, crape. Kantha embroidery also known as katha stitch hailing from Bangladesh is a wonderful work of embroidery. Chikan anther pattern of embroidery from the state of Lucknow is an elegant work in the field of embroidery design. Chikan sarees in voile, organza, polyester, chiffon, viscose, georgette, polyester georgette, cotton crepe are also available. The designs keep on changing as per the market trends, with colors that perfectly match with the season Kashmiri embroidery is another wonderful work of pattern. Beads,sequences,mirror work are some of the embroidery patterns. From century old traditions to the modern world culture, the style of beaded,sequenced embroidery has evolved from simple embroidery designs to creatively sewn beaded embellishments techniques

There are two different ways of embroidery designs:

1. Hand made Embroidery.

3.Machine made embroidery.

hand embroideryHand made embroidery is the original pattern of embroidery design. It has a wide style, variety of patterns and patches. The designers mind flows through while creating the handmade pattern.though it takes lot of time which is not suited for this latest world but still it holds a special place in the fashion world. Machine made embroidery is less strenuous but is limited to certain extent. It gives a clear and neat work.

Embroidery kit is something which possess all equipments for completing a specific purpose. An embroidery kit includes everything that you need while stitching. You can hand embroider marvelous patterns by using these kits and you will not run short of any thing because these kits fulfill every requirement. And there by giving the work a new look.


  1. Hi All

    The design and embroidery on these wedding lenghra is amazing. The work and colours are great.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Apna Sarees


  2. You have got really helpful information. I am preparing for my friend’s marriage and I couldn’t resist to share, recently I purchased choli skirt and its gorgeous.


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