Saree Blouse Design

Indian Saree Blouse Designs

India has various range of textile, where each province has its special and unique costumes. Indian fashion is vivacious, cheerful, evergreen having the simplicity and tradition.. In this ever-changing world each individual is constantly striving best to succeed in their own means in different fields fashion lead the league.. Starting from the traditional ancient days to the modern world fashion and progress in fashion has created wonders. Of all the avatar in the fashion world saris stands upright and lead the league of fashion. Saris in India are of various forms, materials, and even worn in variety of ways. Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati,south Indian.. these are all the style that India has. Thus we remember India as “a land of unity in diversities”. Even in terms of genre sari styling also differs, starting from Mumtaz style to the modern style.

The most interesting thing about a sari is that of the saree blouse or choli. There are different types of saree blouse designs. The variety may be listed as designer blouses, halter neck blouses, long sleeves, ghoti sleeves, boat cut, spaghetti blouse and many more.

traditional sarees blouse designsThere are various styles of blouse back design, with strings and without it, all look beautiful and stunning. Among all the beautiful and stunning saree blouse design, this is the most traditional blouse.,with the traditional cut. With traditional back and front cut.

string blouse back designsback string blouse designsThe string blouse back design creates wonder when worn with designs sarees. Multiple strings, one single strings just below the neck line, double strings are all in fashion keeping in mind the traditional root.
Neck line like the halter is in fashion all through the tradition. The sharp neck lone with strings tied at the back just below the neck is all time favorite of the stylish women. The neck line can also be highlighted by altering it with the zari or embroidery border.

prince cut blouse stylesThese type of saree blouse is called the prince-cut blouse.
This is specially designed for the modern brides stitched along with net and embroidery on the sleeves. The gold design enhanced the beauty and the colour has truly complimented with the elegant patch work.

Last but not the least, long sleeves saree blouse design is in fashion and in town. The contrasting colours and the materials with which the blouse is designed and finished is elegant and poise.

Saree blouse are the best part of the whole traditional attire. The saree looks incomplete without the proper blouse design and fittings. The personification of elegance is kept alive with the blouse design, keeping in mind the tradition of the country we live. Our India…


  1. Hello
    its nice design but i would like to request you kindly can u send me some new fashion design blouse.
    thanking you so much
    Warm Regards Sunita


  2. I have seen some nice design but i would like to request new designs, could you kindly send me some new fashion design blouse.

    Thanking you so much



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