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Ravana ; the movie – Unconventional Seeta Disguised in Traditional Dress

Aishwarya in Ravana with Anarkali Style Salwar KameezFriends, this May 2010 is very lucky for the Bollywood. So many hot films are releasing. Oh god ! It’s a big list, Houseful, Badmas Company, and the most unconventional movie Ravana by Mani Ratnam, staring Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and the actor from south, Vikram. We all are waiting for the movie, Ravana. Do you know the exact story of that movie ? What kind of costumes Ash has used ? No? O.k. We are telling you the secret. Just wait a while.

Mani Ratnam’s Ravan – the movie has been in news for various reasons since the day of launch. The director had kept everyone guessing. Even unit members are not aware of what is running in his mind.

Raavan, is the modern adaptation of the epic Ramayana. The Hindi version of the flick will have Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan playing the leads whereas the Tamil flick stars Vikram and Aishwarya.

The story is like that : Abhi’s sister gets publicly disgraced by the role played by South star Vikram. To take revenge, a fuming Abhishek enters Vikram’s house. But Vikram wasn’t there. Wishing to teach him a lesson, Abhishek kidnaps Vikram’s wife, played by Aishwarya Rai, and hides in the nearby jungle. Here the story takes ‘U’ turn, when both Abhi-Ash fall in love. ‘Ravanaa’ is apparently a fresh day take on the ‘Ramayana’ with Junior Bachchan playing the lead character. But Abhi-Ash’s love situation takes story to a different level.

But we forget something to tell you. Yes. Its Ash’s costumes in the movie. It’s just great and unique. Most of the time we will see Ash in Indian dresses like Sarees and Salwar Kameez. She is looking as graceful as ever.

aishwarya in dark red salwar kameez in the movie ravana
It is a still from the movie, “Ravana”. Ash is looking just stunning and gorgeous in her dark red Salwaar Kameez with a red dupatta.

ash in yellow shalwar kameez
The yellow salwar kameez with its pitch green and white patch worked border and the dark green cotton dopatta is awesome. Aishwarya is looking graceful without any jewelries. At the same time the hairstyle and very minimum make up is also attractive and eye soothing.

aishwarya the sita in ravana the movie
It is Ash, in Agarpara for the shooting of Ravana. In a reddish sari with danglers and a hint of makeup, ash is looking like the representative of Indian dignity. This is her simplest but pure look which is just mindblowing.

aishwarya in white shalwar kameez
Aishwarya rai strikes a pose as sita, dancing to A.R. Rahaman’s tune in Agarpara. In this white salwar kameez and untied hairs, she is looking like a goddess like sita. She is looking so pure and bright in this pose.

aishwarya in a sabyasachi saree
Sexy Aishwarya, looking hot at Raavan's music launch. She is wearing a transparent saree with red and golden border, which is sexy as well as stunning. It’s possibly designed by Sabyasachi Mukherjee who has designed costumes for both Hindi and Tamil version of Ravana.


  1. this is fantastic movies


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