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How to Stitch a Salwar Kameez

salwar kameez stitchingA salwar kameez is a traditional Indian garment consisting of a long tunic top and pants. Making a Salwar kameez is a profession like any other profession. No one is perfect so there are no formulas or standard pattern or standard measurement procedures. Making a perfect shalwar kameez is a result of practice or a result of invested time with dedication in this art.

As the experience grows, the perfection comes in making the salwar kameez and maker becomes a master. And masters make formulas as per their experience for cutting the cloth (for stitching).
There are some steps of making a salwar kameezes, which you have to follow if you want to learn how to stitch a salwar kameez without anybody’s help.

The following are the process for making salwar kameez
1. Measuring
2. Cutting
3. Designing component making
4. Stitching
5. Hemming
6. Interlocking
7. Ironing

Measurement is very important and difficult for cutting a salwar kameez. You need to follow some basic process to measure the dress properly.
Kameez measurement:-

1. Chest
2. Breast
3. Waist
4. Hips
5. Armhole
6. Neck Diameter
7. Shoulder (broadness)
8. Sleeve length
9. Elbow circumference
10. Wrist Circumference
11. Front Neck Depth

Salwar measurement:-

1. Waist
2. Hips
3. Length
4. Inseam
5. Bottom

Cutting is an important process while making salwar kameez. Cut your salwar kameez from lightweight fabrics with a nice drape. Be sure to allow for seam allowances. Use the kameez pattern to make facings for the front and back necklines.

Next is stitching and hemming . Sew the shoulder seams of your kameez. Stitch the facings into place, press and topstitch. Sew sleeves into place flat, then stitch the side seams. Hem the slits along each side and the bottom edge. Assemble each leg of your salwar pants. Sew the outer and inner seam of each leg. Place the legs right sides together and sew the crotch seam. Seam the short ends of the waistband together and press the waistband along its length. Gather or pleat the fabric as desired and sew the waistband into place. Thread a drawstring through the waistband. You may hem the bottom edge of the salwar pants or apply a quilted facing or drawstring casings as you prefer.
Interlocking is last machine process to give an additional strength to the salwar kameez so it is interlocked with good quality thread with zigzag style.

Embellish your salwar kameez with trims, sequins, or appliqué. You can apply trims along the neckline or hemline of the kameez.

The last step is ironing. After all stitching and designing work iron your salwar suit properly and make it ready to wear.

Following these steps, you can make best salwar kameez for yourself and it can be a surprise for you and your friends and family. You can also gift a handmade salwar kameez to your mom or your best friend.


    1. Hello Sushila, Thank you very much for your comment. I think you are looking for a book of complete Indian Traditional Wear. We already made a post on the same subject. Please have a look at it @ https://sareez.wordpress.com/2009/12/01/famous-indian-attire/ . Moreover you can read a book on Costumes and Textiles of Royal India, written by the famous Indian Fashion Designer Ritu Kumar and published by Christie’s Book. Hope it will help you.


  1. send me how to stitch the salwar kameez, patiyala [pants, normal pants, tops and saree blouse, because i like to stitch my own dress in my hand without anybody help with your steps, pls give me steps in brief explain , send to my email id


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