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How to look slim in Churidar Salwar Kameez

churidar-salwar-kameezChuridar salwar kameez is one of the most popular Indian ethnic wear for myriads of women. This is one outfit that enjoys the wide scope of being formal and casual wear at the same time. On the other hand, due to the wide variety of styles in Salwar Kemeez, thin to slim and even plus sized women can feel comfortable and make their own fashion statement in this dress. However, there are a number of women, who being on the plus-sized side are always on the lookout for a special cut that can make them look slimmer. The good news is there are some special designs available in salwar-kurta-kameez that will give a toned look to these ladies. It may not reduce the wearer down to a size zero, but definitely can give a more streamlined look.

Among the various options available in shalwar kameez for women with some extra inches, heavy fabric is always a great choice. Brocade Churidar Salwar Kameez that sports nice design and fabric works can make them a good deal slimmer. Moreover, if the salwar-kameez has long sleeves, it can also work towards giving a slimmer look. In many kurta there are even designs that successfully can divide the onlooker’s from the main work which can effectively hide the extra flab.

churidar salwarEmpire waist salwar-kurta-kameez is another design in this attire that can give the plus size women enough confidence with their dress to sport. This cut again, can be of two types – high empire waist kameez and full empire waist kameez. Depending on the arms of the wearer, they can either opt for a sleeveless one or one with transparent sleeves. But whatever the sleeve combination may be, empire waist salwar-kurta-kameezes with their flared body type effectively hide the flaw inside offering a stylish look outwardly.

Anarkali Churidar Kameez is another version of the empire waist salwar-kameez. Generally the design can be a high empire waist one or a full flared one, topped with tight fitting leggings. These come in a number of designs on them. Some with heavy works with stone and other fabric or thread or zari works. The high waist cut makes the hip and waist almost disappear within the heavy work and flared fabric giving a slimmer look.

Another good option to sport a slimmer look with salwar-kurta-kameez is to go for black color. Black almost acts like a magic color while hiding those extra inches that plus-size women are not comfortable with. Salwar-kameez in black can come in different cuts and designs. But the end result will be a nice slim look that will make the wearer comfortable enough to carry off her dress.

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