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Off-beat Sarees by Indian Fashion Designers

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Sari is an Indian attire, which has a mesmerizing grandeur about it. The charm has even crossed the boundaries of the country itself making even foreigners interested in it. However, due to the complex and often confusing way of wearing a sari, it has led many Indian women to turn away from it on regular days and resort to other types of dresses. However, even though it is time consuming to wear a sari, the beauty it imparts to the wearer cannot be overlooked. That is why even new-generation fashion designers are also taking keen interest in this attire making them off-beat and attract more women to it form of Indian Ethnic Wear.

The top Indian fashion designers have set their eyes now to make sari a form of contemporary style-statement. This involves coming up with more and more chic designs that are sometimes gorgeous to suit the occasion and sometimes simple but stylish for day-to-day wear and tear. This wide variety in sari is incorporated to make it afit attire for the busy and fast urban lifestyle now-a-days. The term ‘neo sarees’ perfectly describes this new trend.

Designers are approaching to give a make-over to saris by turning them into-easy-to-wear dress while not compromising on the glamour quotient at all. Pyjama sari is a very good example of one of these approaches. Created and showcased fashion designers Anamika Khanna, this sari design has a pyjama in it instead of a petticoat. The result is to allow the wearer walk in comfort without experiencing the feeling of the petticoat getting stuck with the folds of the sari. It also has crushed muslin pallus adding much style to the entire outfit.

Wendell Rodricks has come up with the innovative design of a sari gown. These off-beat sari-gowns are very comfortable as these have built-in choli and split pallu. It keeps the sari and its pallu in place which can pose a problem for the novices wearing sari. Yet another fabulous Wendell Rodricks creation is the jersey saree. Due to its casual and bold looks it impresses the young generation mostly. Moreover, it goes well with all- tops, tunics, pencil skirts and more.

In Nida Mahmood’s creation we find east meets west where she has made her models wear sari with jeans. Another strikingly contemporary and high on style is the design created by Sabyasachi Mukherjee. His creation is the Chhotu Sarees which is inspired by the way tribal women wear sari.

These are some of the new sari designs brought into the contemporary fashion world by some of the really talented minds and their endeavor to make sari not lose its timeless appeal.

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