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Black Sarees – A Complete Fashion Statement

black sareesThe black designer Sarees are must-have in the wardrobe of every Indian woman. It is the equivalent of the Little Black Dress, also known as the LBD, which is a fashion essential in the West. It was the legendary designer, Coco Chanel who epitomized the black dress or rather the Little Black Dress as the ultimate evening wear and a fashion must-have. Over the years, considering black as the last word in fashion and as a fashion staple grew bigger. Since the west has always influenced the fashion of the world black was incorporated into the various fashion wear of different countries even the further east. As the fashion industry in India grew the influence of the west became much prominent in the late 80’s and the early 90’s. Along with the influence, the color black came with a bang in the Indian fashion scenario.

Women in India were extremely fashion conscious even in the past. The Indian queens are seen dressed lavishly and elaborately. Maharani Gayatri Devi was a pioneer and a trend setter of her age. She could wear a stylist pair of pants and an elegant Saree with equal ease.
At least one all-black piece of clothing is it a Saree, or a Salwar Kameez or maybe a Churidar Kameez should be there in the wardrobe of every Indian woman. Owning one piece of black designer Saree is extremely essential since Saree is a timeless and the most appealing dress of all Indian dresses. Any piece of black Saree irrespective of the fabric is a must-have. Your piece of the fashion staple can either be black georgette Saree, or a black viscose Saree, or maybe a black chiffon Saree, or a black cotton Saree, or a black silk Saree, or even a black silk cotton Saree, it can also be the black shimmer georgette Saree, or even the black net Saree or the black glass tissue Saree. All of these Sarees are equally gorgeous and alluring. This piece of attire can be worn at parties and the social dos as well.

black designer  sareeThe all black designer Saree generally has embellishment with black sequins, or black bugle beads, the black beads, and sometimes black kundan with black stones. These designs are mostly done along the border. Small motifs or ornate patterns are designed throughout the body of the Saree. This depends upon how gorgeous the Designer Saree is. When paired with a complimenting black blouse embellished in the same design as done in the Saree.

A black shimmering Saree would look great for any cocktail parties or special evenings spent with special someone. Some of the black Designer Sarees show the touch of huge contrasting colors and a variety of textures. Designs in the form of piping, ruffles or striped patches are usually done along the border in material such as velvet, brocade, synthetic brocade, silk, etc. On the other hand, multicolored embellishments and trimmings are done along the border or in the form of small little motifs all over the Saree. All these make the black designer Saree look extremely attractive.

The black Saree when paired with a complimenting contrasting black saree blouse with different designs of sleeves, neckline and waistline and with borders that are similar to that of the Saree the saree becomes even more gorgeous. The black Designer Saree is the perfect collection for a party that is formal or a reception party or any other social gatherings.

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