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The Art of Making a Salwar Kameez

black salwar kameezSalwar Kameez are age old attire which has trickled down since the Mughal ages. It is one of the traditional dresses of Indian women and is nowadays worn by women all over the world. It is a significant contributor towards world fashion nowadays and has been sighted on well known international personalities such as Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman. The dress has spread to many South Asian countries as well.

The art of making a salwar kameez is one which requires dexterity and considerable skill. The right cut and fit goes a long way towards accentuating a lady’s good figure while at the same time it hides her flaws. Some of the well established dressmakers available in the Indian cities can be traced back to the time of kings when they used to make clothes for the royal court. The art of salwar kameez cutting and stitching has been handed down through several generations of tailors who continue to stitch amazing creations of cloth every day of their lives.

The Indian society is a melting pot of all types of culture and tradition. Along with the difference in culture, the dressing of each society is also different. Due to this, each region of the country has evolved to develop its own styles of the same garment. There are many styles of making a salwar suit. The major types available today are: the regular salwar kameez, the churidar kameez, parallel kameez and the Patiala salwar kameez. Each has its own distinct style.

regular salwar kameezThe regular salwar kameez is closest to the original design. It has a loose pajama like salwar that is tied around the waist. The tunic or kameez worn over the salwar is like a loose shirt. The outfit is topped with a dupatta or an odhni. It has been long considered as a Muslim dress but is now worn by everyone. The other designs are variations on the salwar kameez. The salwar kameez can be commonly seen in the northwestern part of India. Because of its Islamic origins it can also be seen in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The salwar kameez is widely regarded by women as the most comfortable of all attires. Whereas a saree takes a long time to drape and fold to perfection, a salwar kameez is quite easy to wear. Salwar suits are available in retail stores in a variety of mind boggling designs. The price range is also varied and the dresses are available at very competitive prices.

Thanks to modern technology salwar kameezes are tailored faster, designed more efficiently, embroidery on clothes is made with minimum effort and overall production costs are lowered. It is easy to get good salwar sets or dress materials at reasonable prices. Salwar suits can also be bought online. Online stores have a wide range of designs, shades and styles. They often offer special discounts or offers which means buyers can get their salwar suits at cheap prices without compromising on quality. And all this can be done without dragging yourself from shop to shop.


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