Indian Fashion Designers Wendell Rodricks

Wow Designs by Wendell Rodricks

Wendell Rodricks in Lakme Fashion WeekIt is said that one is born to his job and this statement truly applies to Wendell Rodricks. How else would someone from the hospitality industry make it big in the world of fashion? A successful occupation in hotel management took a three sixty degree turn as Wendell Rodrick started off his career as a catering graduate but gravitated towards the glamorous world of fashion designing. He kick started his training in Los Angeles and Paris before he headed back home in 1988. The next two years were spent working for a number of high flying brands such as Garden Vareli and Lakme. Apart from all this he spent three years in researching the theme of the history of Goan costumes and his internship was at the National Costume Museum in Lisbon and the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.

Born in the village of Colvale in Goa, Wendell Rodricks has carved a niche for himself in mainstream Indian fashion with his collection of new and innovative looks. Given the fact that he still resides in his rural hometown, it is astounding that he still has control over quite a significant portion of the world of haute couture. So much so that he is the only Indian ever to be invited to IGEDO, the largest garment fair in the world and open the Dubai Fashion Week and display his garments there as well. It comes as no surprise when he is rated as one of the top 10 designers of our country.

Wendell Rodricks’ portfolio comprises of varied work such as lecturing on world costume history, fashion journalism, international advertising campaign stylings etc. His long list of accomplishments also includes acting. His television appearances include a part in the TV play True West and in films he has had roles in Boom in 2003 and more recently, a cameo in Fashion.

Ever since 1993 Wendell Rodricks has been a regular at prominent Indian fashion shows. Each fashion season is a witness to Rodricks’ unmatchable creativity as he comes up with stunning designs that leave spectators gaping. His innately Indian designer wear is inspired by the natural beauty around him. When it comes to Indian clothes, Rodricks has put forward his theory that the varied clothes in India are a result of numerous foreign influences. According to Rodricks’ research, our traditional dress, the sari, is a derivative of Athenian garments. The jubba-coat combo along with pajamas is a Kushan influence which was borne out during the rule of Kanishka almost two thousand years ago. Dresses like the Salwar Kameez and kurta are of course purely Moghul. The Huns of Central Asia introduced us to the long cloaks while Arabs brought in skirts and robes.

This Goa-based fashion designer was also the first to introduce TENCEL to Indian retailers. He is truly a master craftsman in his field of work and can be credited with giving the fashion world masterpieces which are timeless.

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