Bollywood Fashion Designers Nida Mahmood

Couture a la Nida Mahmood

nida mahmoodA lady of many facets, Nida Mahmood is not only a fashion designer, but also a painter, columnist, graphic artist and stylist. She may not be mainstream fashion, but till date, she has garnered enough attention and adulation to have her own column in HT city,, and many other publications.

For Nida Mahmood clothes are a language which convey myriad of expressions ranging from wit, irony, style, sophistication, grace and elegance. Her works too are an extension of this belief as it epitomizes her design philosophy in every line and cut of her garments. Armed with a diploma in Fashion Design from NIFT and an award for the ‘Most Creative Design Collection’, Nida Mahmood has worked alongside such stalwarts as Manish Malhotra, Hemant Trivedi, Aki Narula, Ranna Gill and Puja Nayyar. After a number of gigs she finally decided to venture out on her own with her signature brand ‘Nida for SKIN’. Soon after the success of ‘Nida for SKIN’ Nida Mahmood was extended an invitation to launch the esteemed Lakme Fashion Week and ever since then she is a regular at the event.

Within the same year she was invited to launch with the prestigious LAKME FASHION WEEK. And since, has been successfully showcasing her collections at LFW as an independent designer and has also been holding her independent shows all over the country. A study of her creations is a rollercoaster of emotional outpouring. Her endless creative process has broken all the traditional fashion boundaries by combining eclectic pieces into a harmonious whole.

Experimentation and innovation are the keywords to her success. Nida Mahmood effortlessly blends old fashioned designs with contemporary aesthetics to bring in that extra zing to her creations. One of Nida Mahmood’s memorable works includes her Bollywood inspired clothes where poster artists replicated hand painted movie posters onto fabric. The fabric was then used to make clothes, handbags, Sarees, keychains and coasters. Her success has spread so far that even people in Japan and Middle Eastern countries now vie with each other to won a piece of her clothing.

However, the most notable of her fashion contributions is the saree over jeans trend which is almost a godsend for the new generation which is not really saree inclined. With the right accessories and look it is sure to turn a number of heads. The youthful vibrancy of the saree and jeans combination had the college going crowd in frenzy when it was first introduced.

Another delightful example of her creativity was her ‘stylized junk to funk’ collection which brought street elements into clothes. Package wrappings, sign boards, tin cans, nuts and bolts were used to design a variety of garments including sarees. Her varied color palette ranges from bright colors red, green, indigo, aubergine, fuschia and yellow to more somber shades of whites and greys. Not only are Nida Mahmood’s collection a delight for the wearer, it is a treat for the senses too.

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