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Know Your Fabrics – Practical Tips

How can I keep my Sarees looking brand new ? Should I take my Lehenga Choli to the dry cleaners ? What temperature should this Salwar kameez be ironed at ? Dont worry. We are here to help you.

Caring for the color of your clothes :When washing by hand, make sure the detergent is properly dissolved before inserting the garment. Keep color separate for the first few washes, as the dye may get into the water.
Remember to empty pockets before machine washing.
Use bleach with cold water only and for a maximum of one hour. Do not use iron, copper or brash bowls.
When drying, do not expose garments to direct sunlight.

Tips for a perfect wash : There is no need to wash clothes at the maximum temperature setting indicated.
Do not rub garments, simply rinse gently.
Do not use fabric conditioners with 100% cotton items such as towels, as this reduces their absorbency.

When drying clothes : Wrap knitted items in a towel and allow them to dry flat. Do not hang or expose to direct sunlight or heat.
Do not dry synthetic fabric in direct sunlight.

Tips to prevent unpleasant surprises when ironing : Sort the garments according to the temperature settings indicated on the labels and start with the lowest settings.
Ironing is easier when the garments are still slightly damp.
Before the iron cools, use a damp cloth to remove any fibres that may have stuck to the plate.

How to care for Wool :
1. Shrinks if washed at a high temperature and loses its shape if hung to dry.
2. Effective for Warmth.
3. Tends to yellow and become matted with time.

How to care for Cashmere :
1. Dry clean for best results. If washed at home, use cold water and a little light detergent.
2. Do not wring and dry flat.
3. Do not machine dry, Iron on wrong side
How to care for Cotton
1. Shrinks if washed at a high temperature. Irons well. Wash colors separately first time.
2. Cool, flexible and highly resistant.
3. Creases easily.
How to care for Linen
1. Always hand wash. Do not spin or wash at high temperature. Iron well.
2. Cool and pleasant on the skin. Dirt resistance.
2. Creases extremely easily.
How to care for Silk
1. Does not tolerate high temperature. Do not spin. Dry iron at a low temperature setting.
2. Strong, light and pleasant on skin. Excellent color absorbency.
3. Stubborn stains must be removed professionally.
How to care for Acetate, Rayon, Viscose
1. Do not spin.
2. Smooth on skin. Excellent color absorbency.
3. low resistance when damp, highly inflammable and considerable static electricity build up.
How to care for Polyester, Nylon and Lycra :
1. Extremely sensitive to heat. Wash in lukewarm water and dry iron at a low temperature.
2. Highly resistant and do not crease easily. Excellent color absorbency.
3. Highly inflammable and considerable static electricity build up.


  1. Hey, extremely good website. I am also working on this topic. I infect came through

    this on Google and I am Happy I did, I am just absorbing as a lot info as I can at

    the second, keep updates. Thank you.


    1. Hello Dipika

      you can care for your bridal lehenga in the following way:-

      How to take care of lehenga designed using chiffon fabric: –
      • If you happen to spill food or drink over your chiffon lehenga do not wipe it with water as chiffon is a fabric which does not retains its shape and size incase if it is stretched or shrunken.
      • It is always better to give your expensive bridal lehengas to professional dry cleaners for washing.

      Georgette is shiny because it is made using a part of silk fabric but is not soft like chiffon yet it is easy to preserve.

      How to take care of georgette lehenga: –
      • Georgette offers a crepe like texture and is designed for silk fabric.
      • To wash lehenga designed in georgette use cold or lukewarm water and wash it with a synthetic detergent.
      • When it comes to drying the fabric do not dry in direct sunlight as sun is the biggest enemy of the fabric instead dry in a cool place and hang it on a broad hanger.



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