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Handy tips to wear a saree ‘Air-hostess’ style!

It’s the most important interview of your life and your friends may have suggested you to wear a sari in air-hostess style but how will go about it and that too if your Mom is not at home. Well you have done the right thing by opting for a google–search that has brought you to the right page.Hunter Green Net Party and Festival Embroidered SareeA sari usually measures 6 yards and you should hold the least patterned edge and tuck it into the draw-string of the petticoat. The first step in wearing an Indian Saree be it a party wear saree or any other type of saree is to wear a tight-fitting petticoat and blouse that will form the base of the sari. Make sure the undergarments worn below the blouse and petticoat are of good quality as they will not only give you a good fit but also boost your confidence. While tucking the pleats into the petticoat, you should ensure that bottom edge of the saree goes below your sandal so that the right length can be estimated. Then in the second step, you should hold the embroidered or the most decorative edge and throw it at the back of the shoulder which will become the ‘pallu’. The remaining length of the saree should be pleated together and then tucked into the petticoat as that will give the flow to the saree.

An airhostess style saree is tied in just the same way as a normal saree except that the pleats are held together quite nicely with the help of pins. A border saree will be just perfect for an ‘Air-Hostess’ style drape where the pallu is heavily pleated and pinned on the shoulder. Even the vertical pleats that are tucked at the navel are severely pleated and pressed. Same goes for the pallu pleats that are pinned at the shoulder.

To get the perfect ‘Air-hostess’ look you should wear a complimentary U-shaped saree blouse that covers the upper body completely and gives a very elegant and formal look. Mastering the ‘air-hostess’ style drape would help you create the desired impact in a formal setting like an interview or a conference.

Author Bio: The author is a designer by profession and has extensive knowledge about the apparel industry. To know more about the options available in Indian Party Wear Sarees you can contact him at


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