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Useful tips to keep your saris in perfect shape!

Saris have always held a special appeal for women of all ages in the Indian society. Indian women with their voluptuous bodies look perfect in a six yard sari that accentuates their curves and makes them look gorgeous. Even you may be having quite a few sarees in your wardrobe that may have been gifted from close family members and these might also include kanjeevaram and benarasi sarees that are very expensive and may not last long if they are not stored properly.

The first step in maintaining a durable saree collection is to keep washed and unwashed sarees separately. Keep sarees that you wear regularly and those which you wear for special occasions in separate drawers and place moth repellants in such places. If you have a lot of silk sarees in your collection, then the best option to ensure their longevity is to dryclean them. Machine-wash or hand wash may spoil these sarees and in my opinion, hand-washing works best for traditional Indian sarees. Once these sarees have been dry-cleaned you should not make the mistake of hanging them in the cupboard, instead you should fold these sarees and wrap them in some soft cloth or dupatta made of mulmul. There are special saree covers that are available in the market that may hold six to eight sarees. If you have a lot of cotton sarees in your collection that require starching ensure that no starch remains on the saree as it may attract moths that will not only spoil the cotton sarees but also other sarees placed alongside. Napathalene balls serve as the best moth repellents to preserve cotton sarees.

Your saree collection may have burgeoned over the years and each sari may have a separate set of memories attached to it but if you don’t take proper care of your collection, your investments in terms of time and money spent on these sarees may go waste. If you adhere to the precautions outlined above, then you can be rest assured that your sarees will retain their luster and sheen for a long time and can even be preserved for the next generation.

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