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Use these tips to keep sarees and lehengas in great shape!

It’s every woman’s dream to have a stylish wardrobe that includes a mix of both traditional and contemporary dresses. Traditional dresses for Indian women usually include the bridal silk sarees and lehengas that are not only costly but also require a bit of maintenance to retain their luster and patina for long periods of time. Following the tips given below will help you keep your sarees and lehengas in perfect shape for the next generation.

Caring for sarees
Traditional Indian Sarees like the Benarasi or the Kancheevaram silk sarees have always held a special appeal in the hearts of Indian women. To ensure that these sarees maintain their sheen, it is advisable to dry clean them, instead of subjecting them to hand –wash or machine-wash. Dry-Cleaning the sarees not only helps in removing hard-to-remove protein stains but also  avoids the prospect of wear and tear that may occur during the machine-wash process. Once the sarees have been dry cleaned, you should not make the mistake of hanging them in a cupboard instead try and fold these sarees and place them in a saree cover. Put naphthalene balls in the drawer where you want to keep these dry-cleaned sarees as it will keep them safe from moths.

Taking care of lehengas

Most brides love to wear a lehenga on their wedding day. Bridal silk lehengas are the hottest selling items in an apparel store and silk being a delicate fabric is quite expensive and requires proper-handling. Just like sarees, dry-cleaning works best for silk lehengas as well as the fabric may get twisted in any hand-wash or machine-wash process. Even if you have to hand-wash a lehenga, you should try and swirl the fabric in a sink, press the fabric to squeeze out the water and hang dry. While ironing silk lehengas, try and place a piece of light fabric on the ironing surface that will absorb the excess heat from the ironing surface. You should continue with the ironing process by switching the iron to silk or rayon setting. If you adhere to the above mentioned tips, you will not only retain your sarees for long periods of time but also wear it on your diamond jubilee too!

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