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Impress your man! Wear a ‘Mumtaz-Style’ Sari tonight!

The Mumtaz Style of wearing a saree still has many takers as the leading lady of Bollywood inspired the imagination of millions of young women with her unique saree-draping style that became a trademark in itself. The glittering navel-revealing saree that she wore in the movie ‘Brahmachari’ was quite well received and became a rage among young women in the 1960s & 70s.

In my opinion, the high number of searches that occur frequently in any search engine for learning the style of wearing a ‘Mumtaz-style’ saree is proof of the fact that the leading lady made an indelible imprint on the fashion consciousness of an entire generation. Mumtaz almost patented this style of draping a saree and it also stamped her entry into Bollywood as one of the leading ladies of Indian cinema.

Complimented with a small sleeveless blouse, the Mumtaz-style saree draping is tightly draped around the body in such a style that the pleats are avoided altogether and it hugs the body like a second skin, accentuating the curves of the female wearing it. In the Mumtaz-style drape, essentially one drapes the pallu twice over. The pleats are not exactly done away with, but yes they are less. The pallu is very short; it covers the bosom but is more tightly gathered (not pleated but gathered) & brooched on the left shoulder with little over six inches of pallu.The Mumtaz style sari is quite good for sarees having heavy or embroidered borders. It is one of the most innovative ways to wear a traditional Indian saree, though I would not recommend it this type of a drape for a ‘wedding saree

However, there are certain colors which you should keep in mind while opting for a ‘Mumtaz-style’ drape. Although you can wear any color saree in this style but certain colors like orange, pink, turquoise blue or any other light color would do justice to this type of drape. Light colors would not only make you look slim but also look quite classy as well. I would recommend the ‘Mumtaz-Style drape’ to ladies who have the perfect curves in the right places as there is no other Indian style saree drape be it the Maharani style, Devdas style, Indo-western style that can highlight the female form as much as the ‘Mumtaz Style’ drape can.

Try out the Mumtaz-style Saree draping today and be prepared for those admiring glances that are sure to come your way.

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