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Pre-stitched Sarees – Wear a Saree within a Wink of an Eye

Pre-Stitched SareesSarees have always been a fashionable and trendy choice for Indian women. However, in the fast-paced life of the modern Indian women and in her busy schedule, it is difficult to continue wearing this elegant outfit. This is not because those modern jeans wearing girls are incapable of draping or managing sarees, but it is the time taken to drape it that is negating the effort.

What is a pre-stitched saree?

Today’s working women and the busy moms find it difficult to manage the time to wear a saree, when going to the office or attending any party after the office. In order to save the time and effort, the designers have created pre-stitched sarees – a smart way to tackle the problem. Keeping the client’s requirements in mind, the manufacturers have created ready made sarees, which are stitched beforehand and thus taking only 15 seconds to fit you into a saree, instead of the normal 7-10 minutes.

Pre Stitched Designer SareesThese pre-stitched sarees are like putting on a long pleated skirt, where the pleats are stitched at the center and worn over a petticoat minus the hassles of tucking and modifying the pallu length. The petticoat and the saree blouse are worn separately and are not stitched. All you have to do to wear a pre-stitched saree now is that wear it like a long skirt and wrap the free end on your left shoulder.

Though many orthodox minded people were against this fashion, as they state that this is hampering Indian culture, which in reality is having effects just the opposite. With this readymade option available to women, these have actually extended Indian tradition beyond borders. Foreigners prefer this type of saree, which actually ensures the pleasures of wearing a saree without the fuss involved, since the draping is already done for you.

Word of Caution.

You can get all sorts of designs in these automatic sarees and you can get every variety custom made sarees for you. Nonetheless it is advisable, that before buying any such saree, you should check if the saree fits you properly or not. This is just like buying anything ready-made, which requires trial before you pay. Since these are made previously it is better that you try it out earlier and if necessary get the necessary alteration done. If it cannot be altered do not buy that pre-stitched saree.

Keeping this in mind, women who want to strike a balance in their look of traditional yet contemporary can try this option. This is even a good choice for newly wed brides who find saree draping to be uncomfortable, yet following traditions have to wear it. These sarees have actually popularized wearing of sarees immensely, and are in much vogue nowadays, changing the fashion trend of India.

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