Salwar Kameez

Try a fascinating Handloom Salwar Kameez this Sunday!

If you are bored of wearing saris and desire to wear something different this Sunday then a georgette salwar kameez is one exciting option that you can check out. The best part about georgette salwar kameez is that they can easily be embellished with swarovski crystals and sequins to give that stunning look which can turn heads in any party.

Another interesting type of dress that you should check out on any online saree portal is a jacquard salwar suit that looks quiteFestival Embroidered Salwar Kameez amazing and is very much in demand amongst customers’. What is special about a Jacquard Salwar suit is that they usually have contrasting thread and zari embroidery which looks quite appealing. A jacquard salwar suit usually consists of an ombre dyed shirt with a jacquard effect spread all over and it is accentuated by the presence of stones. An ombre dyed  fabric  is  one which has  two  different colours at either end of the spectrum   and  often  forms the base of  jacquard salwar suits.

If you want to try out something other than a jacquard salwar kameez then a handloom salwar kameez would be another interesting option that you can check out.  The best part about any type of handloom salwar kameez is that they are quite chic and comfortable to wear. Made out of hand- woven fabrics, handloom salwar kameez if tailored to the right size and measurement looks quite exquisite and elegant. Handloom fabrics made in the Indian subcontinent are actually quite famous and have even made their way to places as far as Europe and North Africa.

Choosing between a handloom salwar kameez, georgette salwar kameez, jacquard salwar suit is never easy. Keeping in mind the weather, occasion and style and your personal style preferences the right type of dress can be chosen that offers the perfect blend of comfort and style.

Best of luck in your search!

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