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Half Sarees – A different Saree for Special Occasions

Half Sarees, South Indian Half SareesIndia being a multi-cultural country, exhibits a wide array of dressing styles. Each style heralding from their particular state has a special touch to it. Saree being the national dress of India is worn by most women, but in a special style reflecting which part of India they belong to. There are numerous innovative ways of saree draping styles, among which a unique way is half sarees.

What is a Half Saree ?

Half Sarees are predominantly seen in South India, as mostly unmarried girls in South India wear this traditional outfit. Earlier this saree draping style was restricted only to the rural belles and never worn by girls in the cities. However, nowadays, this dress has found its way to showrooms of renowned designers and various malls all over India. This trend of draping a saree has actually been popularized by television and movie celebrities, and models walking on the ramp of various fashion shows, which has convinced every teenager to posses at least one pair of this chic half saree in their wardrobe.

Half Sarees, in comparison to the full sarees are more comfortable and hassle free to wear and handle, as it is very easy, simple style allowing more freedom of movement. It is just a long fluid skirt with several pleats, a matching blouse and a long saree drape, whose end is folded at the back of the skirt. Girls of Kerala wear this colorful attire on the festival of Onam, whereas girls from Tamil Nadu wear it in Pongal festival. Young girls of Andhra Pradesh wear these half sarees in the festival of Ugadhi.

Similar to half sarees is another most popularly attire of North India – Ghagra-Choli, which the girls of Northern India wear more or less in every festival.

Different Names of Half Sarees.

Though this style is called half saree, it has got different names in different states of India, along with a special touch of the exclusive reflection of the state’s artwork. In most parts of India these half sarees include embroidery, fabric, glass work and inclusion of precious stones. Half sarees are locally is known as Pavada Dhavani or Davani in Tamil Nadu, Mundum Neriyathum in Kerela and Langa Voni in Andhra Pradesh.

This traditional dress looks very elegant on a girl and given the modern touches of designer-works on them, they look classy and gorgeous, bringing out the grace of Indian women. Though salwar kameez or jeans and tops are now the most common dresses in India, Half Sarees have reclaimed the market for special occasions.

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