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Saree Innovation in South India

Southern India’s Innovation in Sarees

South India is known for its great quality of silk sarees. These fine qualities of sarees are still a favorite among the South Indian brides to get the proper traditional look in their wedding. In spite of being the land of tradition, South India is also the land of innovation. It is South India, where the various patterns of innovative sarees are seen. This article is devoted to the wondrous creations of sarees done in South India. Most of these South Indian Sarees mentioned below are the results of the creative streak of the weavers of Southern India:

The Color-Changing saree

This is an intriguing creation of Sri Kumaran Silks, as this is a silk saree, first ever made in the world, which changes its color, when the wearer goes out of the house.

The Saree-Shirt Combo

This is a two-in-one combo pack, where well-designed saree is accompanied by a similar shirt piece for the woman’s husband. This style is known as ‘Jodi Pattu’. The pallu of the saree has intricate embroidery work, which is somewhat replicated in the shirt as well, and both are made of genuine handloom silk.

The Zip-n-Wear Saree

This is an interesting blend of four pallus in one saree. In this silk saree, four separate yet complimenting pallus are used to design the complete look. Each pallu comes with an attached zip, which the wearer can, according to her wish, detach, rearrange and reattach to get a new look every time.

The Denim Saree

This is a saree, which creates an illusion of wearing denim in form of a saree, where the wearer enjoys the gentle and velvety feel of silk in reality.

The Pocket Saree

Another unique creation is the Pocket Saree where the drape allows for a pocket on the left side near the hip region, to hold cell phones, and other bric-a-brac.

The Reversible Saree

This is a handiwork where the saree has been made in such a fashion that it can be worn in four varying styles. This saree comprises of two different blouses to be worn with two different body colors and four separate pallus.

The Durbar Krishna Saree

Another divine creation is The Durbar Krishna Saree, where an image of Lord Krishna is made to cover the overall pallu. The design is done with Swarowski crystals and it is believed to carry good luck to its wearer.

The 50000 Color Saree

This multi-colored saree is interlaced with 50000 shades of various colors.

The Jugalbandi Saree

Here, two opposite concepts have been merged into one single saree. On pure South Indian silk sarees, North Indian lacework or kundan or beadwork, or embroideries like the Parsis are blended into one complete whole.

The Zodiac Saree

This is actually a part of 12 saree collection named Zodiac Sarees. Each zodiac sign’s symbol has been woven into each of the sarees in this collection.

These innovations are not only something matchless but worth a collector’s item.

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