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How about trying a Yellow Saree this Baisakhi..!!!

Baisakhi or Vaisakhi, the Punjabi festival of harvest is that time of the year when women in North India draw out their favourite yellow sarees from their cupboards to participate in the festivities. In India, Cotton Sarees and more importantly yellow cotton sarees are de-riguer during festivals and occasions.

An ancient legend goes that any cloth that is stitched by a needle becomes impure and therefore saris that are worn on festive occasions should be weaved out of pure cotton. Yellow saris are also worn after child-birth by mothers as quite a few ceremonies are conducted in India after the entry of a new family member in the house.

If however, you are not comfortable wearing a sari then you can definitely try a printed yellow salwar kameez that will really augment your personality. If you have a very thin frame and you think that a saree will not look good on you then a yellow salwar kameez would prove to be a good alternative. Moreover, women who find managing a saree one big chore would find salwar kameez a very convenient dress.

With Baisakhi round the corner, I suggest you check out a few online portals that offer a wide variety of designs and prints in yellow sarees or salwar kameez.

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