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National Dating Day

Amitabh & Jaya in Abhimaan
Amitabh & Jaya in Abhimaan

24th September was the National Dating Day. Romance and bollywood has a deep rooted
connection .It has given us some superb jodies , onscreen as well as off screen. We dedicate
this dating day to the two most awesome Real life jodis of the Tinsel Town.

He is the superstar of Bollywood. She has given us many blockbusters. Together they were
seen in Chupke Chupke, Guddi, Bawarchi, Silsila, Abhimaan, Mili, Khamoshi, Kabhie Khushi
Kabhie Gham. Yes we are talking about the evergreen Amitabh Jaya. Where relationships
in Bollywood hardly last long, Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan stand exceptional here by
successfully completing 35 years of their married life.

Remembering her first meeting with Big B, the 60-year-old actress once said, “I first saw
Amitji in an institute. I saw him, I liked him and I told my friends that you know he has got a
personality. And they said what…he looks like a stick! He was very thin and his face was full
of his eyes. I remember I fought with my friends and said he is different. It might have been
love at first sight.”

This Jodi has been through many thick and thins of life yet they have always stood by each

On the other hand , King Khan met the woman of his dream way before entering the B-
Town. For Shahrukh and Gauri , it has been quite a Mills & Boons romance. Gauri was
everything Shahrukh was not. Cool, classy, sophisticated. He was sloppy, hyper and hated
dressing . He says the credit for turning an animal like him into a man goes to Gauri. They
did everything a young couple in love does and eventually got married at the age of 21. The
relationship between the two had been kept under wraps, and understandably so because
Gauri’s parents would not have accepted it. Or, so it seemed for quite some time even while
the twosome continued to meet up for six long years.

Gauri says, “He was the first person I met and went out with. And he has been the only

Sareez salute the two most evergreen Jodis of bollywood for being a source of inspiration to
all the couples out there.

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