Sareez celebrates the spirit of motherhood – My Mom & Me

A daughter is perhaps the most precious gift a mother has. On the other hand, a mother is her daughter’s first friend, her very first confidant! The bond that exists between a mother and a daughter is irreplaceable, perhaps the most sacred of all bonds. It is only a mother who can truly understand what her daughter is going through, without the daughter having to say it out aloud, and vice versa.

As Aishwarya Rai rightly says ‘My mother is the nucleus of my existence!’ This connection between a mother and her daughter is instinctive – it is formed the first time the mother ever holds the newborn in her arms.

It is in honour of this special bond that sareez.com has organized a special competition dedicated to the mothers and daughters around the world. No, it is not mothers’ day or mothers’ week or even mothers’ month, if you are wondering. We at sareez.com believe that it does not require a special occasion to commemorate this precious bond. To participate, all you need to do is share a picture of a precious moment you and your mother shared, on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/IndianSarees) and tell us what makes your connection extraordinary. You can also register on our website and send us a mail with your thoughts to social@sareez.com. Collect the maximum number of comments on your picture within 72 hours after uploading your entry and you can be the winner of some prized goodies for you and your mother!

So, hurry up and become a part of the cherished celebrations!


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