Sareez, the brand!

As a brand, Sareez echoes the traditional ethos of the country. With a vision of inculcating the tradition of wearing sarees for Indians across the world, especially those who d not always have access to sarees, sareez.com acts as a platform that connects the global consumer with the regional aesthetics and design value. For an NRI, all the way across the globe in America, it is a matter of pride to own a handwoven silk from the handlooms of Murshidabad. As a platform sareez.com facilitates the same.

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With a manufacturing unit located in the heart of Kolkata, Sareez has been providing quality service to Indians across the world for almost a good 20 years now. However, where Sareez scores above all other manufacturers is the fact that apart from the homegrown sarees, the brand procures sarees and other ethnic garments directly from karigars and artisans located in all corners of India, and ensures that only the authentic products reach our customers, after a rigorous process of checks. Thus, Sareez is able to showcase traditional ethnic garments directly from all parts of the country, be that Lucknowi chikon work, or the Rajasthani bandhni designs or the authentic Bengali ‘laal paar shada’ saree. Be it stitching a blouse or  converting a saree  into a prestitched one to facilitate convenience, sareez.com acts as the one-stop shop, to meet all ethnic elemental needs of consumers, irrespective of where they are located. As a tradition the art of wearing sarees has been passed on from mother to daughter for generations. As a brand, Sareez helps to keep that tradition alive! 

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