Bollywood Sarees is About to Set the Fashion Trend Once Again

Bollywood’s romantic affair with the saree goes way back to the days of its inception – this statement is once again established by the latest Sonakshi Sinha and Shahid Kapoor hit “saree ka fall sa” from their upcoming film R. Rajkumar. In this song Sonakshi flaunts in her vibrant lehenga sarees looking amazing, while Shahid appears in his latest “Tapori” outfits.

This remarkable connection between Bollywood and sarees has given birth to some legendary songs and unforgettable moments. No matter whether it is referred in the lyrics or reflected through the attire, Bollywood and sarees have been inspiring and influencing each other through decades. Bollywood as we know has huge influence on fashion trends in India and on Indians residing anywhere in the world.  This is why the term “Bollywood sarees” ever came to existence.

In early days, the fashionable, society ladies were curious to find out what kind of saree Devikarani or Kanan Devi was wearing in their upcoming releases. A whole generation spent their youth humming along with Nutan and Dev Anand to the tunes of “Chhor doh anchal, zamana kya kahega..”. Who could forget the lovely Mumtaz frolicking with Shammi Kapoor about their “pyar ke charche har zaban par” in the flaming orange chiffon saree? Later Naseerudin implored Shabana Azmi “khuli aam anchal na lehra ke chaliye..”. Sridevi set the trend of wearing monochromatic chiffon sarees with same-colored blouse in the late 80’s. Madhuri added the ‘O’ to oomph with the flame-colored choli and saree in “Dhak dhak karne laga..” or the royal blue lehenga-saree in “Didi tera devar deewana..”.

Even today the younger generation, who are the trend setters of mini skirts and hot pants, wows the way Deepika Padukone looks in that electric blue saree in the song “battameez dil” from the film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Fans of Vidya Balan try to follow her shadows by wearing one of the lookalikes of Sabyasachi’s creations. Their craze for Bollywood sarees increase every time a star appears on screen in one of their designer 6 yards cloth.

 This craze however has revived the long gone trend of wearing our very own traditional costume. Thanks to Bollywood and the saree manufacturing and designing industry the fashion of wearing sarees on special occasions and otherwise is becoming popular day by day among the younger generation.

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