Look Gorgeous on Your Wedding Day with Designer Bridal Sarees

Sarees have always been the most desired apparel for Indian brides. Every Indian women dream of getting dressed up in a gorgeous red or beautiful gold saree on her wedding day, no matter how hard she finds it to manage the six yards long unstitched cloth. Bridal sarees are not only popular in India or among Indian women. With the fashion trend now moving towards ethnic attires, women even from different culture have started considering wearing sarees on their wedding occasion. This has undoubtedly triggered the popularity of sarees, which lead Indian fashion designers to create complete bridal ranges for wedding occasions, as the seasons approach.

Since the beginning, wedding sarees have been measured as the true representation of grandeur and Indian cultural values. With the inception of designer sarees, a completely new avenue opened up for the bridal saree market. There are quite a few reasons why brides choose to wear designer sarees on their wedding day. What sets designer sarees apart from any other Indian ethnic attire is its magnificence and grace.

The fabric and color

Silk is traditionally known to be the fabric used for making wedding sarees. Two of the well known untainted silk sarees are banarasi and kanjivaram. None the less, fashion designers are now using different kinds of fabric to create unique designs like satin, tissue and georgette. Bridal sarees are mostly found in shades of reds, pinks and gold. Some people as part of their tradition or by choice prefer to wear white sarees on their wedding day. However, designers are now bringing in the trend of wearing different kind of pastel shades for weddings.

Choices of wedding sarees

Bridal sarees come in huge variety based on the region of its origin. Banarasi saree, which is one of the most popular choices for brides, comes from the northern part of India while Kanjivaram originated in the south. These two are the most commonly worn Indian wedding sarees. Other types include tissue sarees, zardosi sarees, net sarees and alike.

Design variations

When it comes to design, bridal sarees offer unlimited choices. As wedding attire, most women look for heavy work. A saree with beautiful zari border, detailed zari thread designs, matching bead and sequin work and a really heavy pallu ā€“ this is what a typical wedding saree would look like. For a more traditional look, heavy zari work is enough to create the magic. kasab work, silver aari work, organza work, mirror work and tikki work are some of the variety designers are using these days.

So, if you are still having a second thought on your attire for your big fat Indian wedding, think no more. Saree is undoubtedly the greatest option you have to look your best on your wedding day.

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