Evolution of Sarees from Tradition to Modernity

Sarees have always been and continues to be the most coveted attire among not just ethnic wears but also the plethora of women’s dresses worn all over the world. This six- yards long attire spells a magic on women across boundaries. While sarees have defined feminine beauty in the true sense of the term, there have been several noticeable changes in the embroideries, patterns, prints and also the way sarees are worn and draped. Basically, the attire has evolved from being a traditional piece of clothing to an utterly urban dress that is considered perfect for wearing in all occasions by today’s women.

Here are some of the trends worth keeping an eye on. It is through these trends that sarees emerge to be a much in demand modern clothing:

Floral Prints:

Faux georgette and chiffon sarees with heavy floral prints look absolutely chic and stunning. The base color of these sarees is usually light, oftentimes white and light pink while the prints come in a wide range of other colours. Random floral print is one of the trendiest fashion statements today, flaunted by certain Bollywood celebrities as well. Floral printed sarees are no less in appeal than any so- called western party wear.

Semi- Transparent Net Sarees:

Majority of the latest designer sarees are found in net. Saree is said to be one of the most sensuous attires on earth and the net sarees are examples of the truth behind the proposition. A net saree beautifully enhances the figure of a woman and makes her look essentially gorgeous. The net sarees are ideal for wearing in weddings, parties, gatherings and even on a romantic date.

Lehenga Style Sarees:

There have been quite a lot of changes with respect to the ways in which a saree is draped. The present- day fast paced women prefer to go for the lehenga style sarees that combine the usual elegance of the sarees and the ease of wearing a designer lehenga choli. Lehenga style sarees come with pre- stitched bottom part and hence, there is no hassle of making the pleats. This particular variety strikes a desirable blend of the chic and the graceful.

Sarees with Jacket Blouse:

Teaming up a light colored saree with a heavily embroidered jacket blouse or shrug is a trend popularized by celebrities like Aishwarya Rai and Sonam Kapoor. You can try this out if you are particularly fond of the vintage style of dressing.

Sarees with Unconventional Prints:

Prints have always been successful in making significant fashion statements and needless to say, the unusual prints like peacock prints or cow prints have rendered the sarees with an extremely urban twist. These prints appear best in the material of silk and make the wearer look striking enough to stand out among others in a crowd.

So, these and few other trends have made the sarees undergo a change from what it had been perceived since time immemorial to a brand new apparel that is capable of stealing hearts of women across the world.

Summary- Take a look at some of the hottest trends in the most loved ethnic wear, sarees. Find out the emerging fashion statements that heighten the appeal of this particular piece of clothing.

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