Memorable Appearances of Sarees in Bollywood Flicks

Find out some of the instances where sarees have been popularized by the Bollywood flicks and the celebrities.

The six-yard long Indian ethnic apparel called saree has defined femininity with more grandeur than any other clothing. It is not without reason that saree continues to be one of the most loved and preferred ethnics by women across the globe. It’s broad variety and irresistible appeal has been well-utilized by the Indian film industry and that is also a reason behind the ever-lasting popularity of this dress.  The magic of the sarees has, at times, made the celluloid star look demure and at other times, intriguing. If we consider Bollywood scenarios, we will come across several instances where the saree worn by the star has stayed memorable. Here is an interesting overview of some of these instances where the saree itself or the way it is worn mesmerized the onlookers.

Vidya Balan in Ishqiya

Vidya Balan, the women of substance of Bollywood, is often seen in saree while making public appearances in award functions and so on. However, her sensuous look was perhaps best portrayed in the movie Ishqiya where she was seen lying on the bed in a strikingly dazzling red saree. Notwithstanding how the film did in the box office, the scene created quite a buzz.

Susmita Sen in Main Hoon Naa

How can we forget the very sexy and suave teacher in Main Hoon Naa? The chiffon and georgette sarees with vibrant prints and polka dots were so elegantly carried off by the actress that the attires became more of fashion statements for the youth. The teaming up of these sarees with sleeveless deep cut blouses was indeed drool worthy.

Aishwarya Rai in Devdas

This extravagant tragedy based on the novel by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay and filmed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali witnessed the grandeur of sarees in the true sense of the term. While Madhuri Dixit was mostly seen in heavily embroidered lehenga cholis, Aishwarya Rai wore a variety of sarees ranging from the banarasi sarees, designer sarees to the white and red bordered puja saree. The various other female characters also donned sarees and these were mostly worn in the very popular Bengali style of draping sarees. It would not be wrong to say that the film was indeed a celebration of this unique piece of ethnic Indian attire.

The list would be an unending one for sure. However, you can also buy designer sarees online from fashion portals like Sareez.com.

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