Top 5 Varieties of Must-Have Festival Sarees

Know about the best five varieties of festival sarees you can buy online. Shop them at reasonable prices from the recognized portals for ethnic wears.

India is famous for the number of festivals celebrated throughout the year. Apart from festivals like Diwali and Holi that are celebrated by people all over the country, there are many others that represent the religious beliefs and culture of certain Indian states. With festivals occupying such important part of everyone’s, especially the women’s lives, dressing up right and in keeping up with the spirit of the occasion becomes essential. So, here are the top 5 types of sarees that you can consider wearing exclusively in festivals.

Banarasi Sarees

While the banarasi silk sarees are closely associated with the Bengali brides since time immemorial, these are equally suitable for wearing in festivals. The newlyweds are often found having a strong inclination towards this particular variety of Indian ethnic wear. As such, few other varieties of sarees can hardly replace the dignified appeal of a red embroidered banarasi saree that remains an all time favourite of Indian women.

Dhakai Sarees

Originating from and named after Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, the Dhakai sarees come with typical thread embroideries and buti works. The uniqueness of the sarees lies in their unconventional blend of simplicity and grandeur. The Dhakai sarees are usually found on cotton or a material called Jamdani. A red and white dhakai is an ideal saree for any of the Indian festivals.

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Tant Sarees

Weaved mostly in West Bengal and Bangladesh, the tant sarees are simply lovely. These sarees are found in huge varieties; you can find them in bright colours as well as lighter shades and with heavy embroideries to simple thread works. Tant sarees are extremely comfortable for wearing during the daytime and hence, come across as perfect festival sarees.

Designer Sarees

Whatever the festival or occasion is, looking trendy is important and the designer sarees can serve your purpose perfectly well. You can consider buying the designer sarees online and you will certainly be able to lay your hands upon a wide variety of sarees that strike the right blend of traditional appeal and modern designs.

Paithani Sarees

The combination of the lustrous silk, embroideries in zari and golden thread and peacock designs in the pallu of the sarees makes the paithani sarees ideal for festivals. Originating in Maharashtra, India, these sarees are also reflective of the Buddhist culture. They have a typical grandeur about them, making them must-have festival sarees in the personal wardrobe of every woman.

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