A Look at the Most Popular Trends in Salwar Kameezes

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While saree is undoubtedly the most popular one among the wide range of Indian ethnic wears, salwar kameeszes are next in line. This particular dress has been worn by women across India and Pakistan since ages, and the appeal continues to be the same. In fact, salwar suits are probably the most widely worn Indian dresses that are considered comfortable by women of all ages and cultures. A salwar suit can make the wearer look elegant, chic, sensuous and even gorgeous. As such, the popularity of this apparel has brought forth certain new trends in designs, cuts and patterns. You can come across impressive varieties of salwar kameezes at any reputed designer salwar kameez store online.

A salwar suit is as suitable as a regular wear as it is ideal for wearing in parties and occasions. Hence, your personal wardrobe must boast of a good collection of it. Here are few prominent trends in the cuts, designs and overall style of salwar suits that you must check out and be aware of while picking out one for yourself:

Anarkali Style Churidar Kameez

The Anarkali churidar kameezes are not new in fashion, but they have become immensely popular these days owing to the elegant flairs, rich colours, finest prints and intricate embroideries. Anarkalis have a natural grandeur and elegance about them that make the wearer spell femininity in the truest sense of the term. In fact, anarkali kameezes suit most body types and are also preferred as bridal wears in recent days.

web 2.0 img 3

Patiala Kameez

Originating from and named after a district in Punjab, India, this particular type of salwar kameez is a favourite asset in the wardrobe of today’s modern woman. While the kameez is a tight-fitted short length one, the Patiala has several pleats loosely stitched together with the bottom part getting narrower. The Patiala salwar kameezes enable the wearers strike the much-desired blend of elegance, style and comfort. Some of the patiala salwars also come with thread works, beads and embroideries. Addition of the borders and laces to the dupattas makes these look absolutely stunning and gorgeous.

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Pakistani Lawn Kameez

If you are looking for an ethnic wear that renders an extra edge to your look and makes you feel special, shop for designer salwar kameez online. Lawn kameezes are definitely in vogue and these long ankle- length churidar kameezes come with elaborate embroideries making these perfect for wearing in weddings and other occasions.

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Get informed about the most popular and prominent trends in salwar kameezes. Look stylish and different in each of them.

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