Popular Varieties of Sarees from Bengal

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Sarees have always played an essential role in enhancing the beauty of women. It is perhaps the beautiful blend of tradition and modernity that this particular ethnic wear strikes at that makes it popular across boundaries and ages. While sarees are preferred by women all over the world, it is undoubtedly most worn by the Indian women. In fact, when we talk about the attire of the quintessential Bengali woman, it is saree that first comes to our mind. Bengal has indeed gifted ethnic lovers with some wonderful varieties of sarees. Consequently, tant and jamdani are two of the most popular fabrics, associated with Bengal. Let’s delve a little deeper into these to help you choose better next time you are up for buying casual sarees or festival sarees online.

The Bengali Cotton Sarees

It is the comfort quotient of the cotton sarees that have made them so widely preferred and popular not just in West Bengal but also elsewhere. Some of the variants of cotton sarees are:

  • Tant Sarees

Originating in Nadia, Hooghly and Murshidabad of West Bengal, tant sarees are typically Bengali sarees and they never quite lose their charm. Many women prefer the coarse quotient of the fabric. The colour combinations vary greatly. While some of these sarees have buti work all over, others feature intricate thread work and patterns. Pujas and festivals are hard to imagine without women draping themselves in tant sarees.

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  • Dhakai Jamdani

Basically a cotton handloom fabric made with the finest variety of what is referred to as ‘muslin’, Jamdani comes across as one of the most labor intensive types of handloom weaving. Named after the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhakai jamdani is one of the highly preferred varieties of these sarees. A dhakai jamdani should be your pick if you are looking for gorgeous cotton sarees online. Linear designs in different colours along with floral motifs all over the body characterize the Dhakai jamdani sarees.

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  • Tangail Sarees

Coming from the Tangail village of Bangladesh, the tangail sarees are very distinctly identifiable for they feature designs and patterns in the form of lamp, lotus and fish scales. Another speciality of these sarees is the bright colour combination on the pallu of the sarees.

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  • Dhonekhali Sarees

Originating in the Dhianiakhali district of Hooghly in West Bengal, the Dhonekhali sarees have borders in bright and dark colours like red, purple, black and so on. These sarees usually have a longer life compared to the other varieties.

The Bengali Silk Sarees

Silk sarees have a certain kind of elegance about them and here is a list of silk sarees considered to be Bengali in style and in essence.

  • Garad Silk Sarees

It is hard to imagine durga pujas, weddings and certain other festivals without women clad in garad silk sarees. These sarees are highly traditional and are mostly found in white or crème colour with borders in red. These are also the pricey varieties of the silk sarees.

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  • Baluchari Sarees

Named after a village called Baluchari in the Murishidabad district of West Bengal, Baluchari sarees depict unconventional motifs and patterns including that of episodes from epics. Historical allusions occupy a significant part of the themes of these sarees. The grandeur of the baluchari sarees makes these a perfect wear for the newly-weds in particular.

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  • Korial Sarees

Korial is a very sober variety of silk sarees, suitable for wearing in festivals. Bengali women are often found donning this particular type of saree in pujas and other occasions. The uniqueness of the sarees lies in the placement of the contrasted borders.

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These popular Bengali sarees along with few others are worn all over the world. Even celebrities are often spotted flaunting these in red carpets and other occasions. Reputed online fashion portals like Sareez can get you the best of such Indian sarees online.

Get to know about the popular varieties of Bengali sarees in particular. Pick out the ones of your choice and look elegant as always.

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