Sherwanis: The Quintessential Dress for the Indian Grooms

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Indian weddings are known for their grandeur and magnificence. It is not without reason that the Indian weddings are recognized as being “The Great Indian Weddings” all over the world. As such, attires occupy a very significant place in Indian marriages. A lot of planning goes into deciding the design, colour and style of the dress to be worn on the very special day. Even jewelleries and accessories demand a massive amount of importance. And these days, it is not just the bridal dress that is in focus but also the grrom’s attire that should very much complement what the bride is wearing. It would be rather interesting to note that men are gearing up for dressing themselves up in ethnics instead of the very conventional suits hence, the popularity of sherwanis.

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Taking a quick look at the origin, long back, sherwani was actually the dress code of the Persian and Turkish nobles of the Mughal Empire. With time, it gradually turned into the traditional wear for the common men. Customization in terms of design, patterns and colours led to the recognition of sherwanis, jodhpuri suits and even kurta pyjamas.

If you are planning to buy wedding sherwanis online, you will find certain fashion portals dealing in a range of these attires for men. However, here is a list of essential points you must be aware of in order to make a better choice.

Sherwanis usually have ban collars and buttons in front. As such, the ideal length of the sherwani should be much below the knees. A turban or mojaris in contrasted colour must accompany a sherwani.

Wedding sherwanis can be of different types depending on the type of zardosi and embroidery work. The two most common varieties are Peshawri and Baloochi.

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The fitting of the dress is crucial. A sherwani should neither be body hugging nor too loose. A perfectly fitted sherwani is one that accentuates the shoulder part of the wearer and makes him look suave and smart.

As far as fabrics are concerned, sherwanis and jodhpuri suits are usually found in silk. The better the quality of the fabric, the higher is the price.

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While it is a common notion that wedding dress, whether for men or for women, has to be in dark colours such as red, maroon and golden, muted colours are increasingly on the rise. Consequently, you can wear sherwanis in crème, beige and so on and look strikingly different and handsome.

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