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We Love it, but ‘They’ love it too!

Their denims and LBDs (little black dresses) may have highly influenced our wardrobe, but when it comes to elegance and ethnicity, no one does it better than us. Off lately, not only Bollywood but Hollywood actresses have been spotted flaunting the Indian National Attire to prestigious award functions. Surprisingly, the Westerners have been following more than just the Saree. The list also includes nose rings, bangles, and (you won’t believe it until you see it!) bindi.

Take a look:

Morjaris: Alexander McQueen’s Fall Winter 2008 collection showcased some of the most mystically gorgeous pieces united in a great mixture of Indian elements like sophisticated Indian jewelry, silk borders, and ‘Morjari’ shoes.


(Credit: Fashionstalkeramandeepkaur

Toe Rings: Remember Jennifer Aniston’s toe ring spree? Let us remind you.


(Credit: Hollywoodlife

Bangles: Kate Beckinsale… Need we say more?

Kate Beckinsale asdad

Nose Ring/Stud: Who can forget American actress, model, singer Scarlett Johansson flaunting her nose piercings? Can you?

Jim Spellman

And, finally…. The Saree: Julia Roberts, Katherine Heigl, Angelina Jolie, Liz Hurley, Jessica Alba, Eva Mendes, Anne Hathway, Serena Williams….It’s a never-ending list… Phew!


While it’s really classy to flaunt that Gucci and that Prada, let’s give it up for the ancient Indian women who have adorned themselves with the simplest to the most expensive Sarees since the Indus Valley Civilization, and of course the bangles and the nose rings too. Least did they know, centuries later, the same products and patterns will be adapted worldwide as a Fashion statement!

Happy Weekend to all… Stay Happy Stay Stylish!

Team Sareez


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