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Rain Rain Go Away!


(Image Courtesy: The Insight)

One more month before you can bring all your palazzos and designer sarees out of the closet and pair them up with stylish and classy footwear. You know what we are talking about, right? From July till September, most parts of India are drenched in heavy downpour and an ever-changing sky – from sunny to cloud in minutes. This is also the most stressful time of the year for our wardrobe. Suddenly, the focus is not on what we want to wear but what we should wear. After all, your high heels and patialas can’t withstand the rain and the dirt on the road because of the rain. But, this doesn’t mean you have to forget being stylish. In fact, let Team Sareez share with you its deepest darkest tricks to help you rock the remaining monsoon season with you head turner style statement.

Experiment with Colors:

Look around you. Even with the continuous and tedious showers there is one thing none of us can miss. It’s the beauty of nature, of colors, which suddenly seems to have brightened up. The leaves and flowers look alive as if someone washed away the dust off them and gave them a fresh look. Likewise, bright colors are always a hit during the monsoon. For some time, let go off your greys and whites and black. If you really can’t do without them, then pair them up with pinks, corals, yellows, oranges, even purples.

Show off the well-tones legs:

In a few months, it will start getting chilly and most of us will take to hiding under overcoats and woolens. This is the perfect time to flaunt those funky chic skirts and colorful wraparounds. Ensure they aren’t too long. Anything knee-length or just 2 inches above your ankle fits amazingly with an ethnic kurti or a single colored t-shirt paired with a scarf or jackets. This is also the time to experiment with flip flops. Keep in mind the color suggested above and you could be turning yourself into a flawless Monsoon Diva.


Salwar vs. Leggings:

Salwar are a complete no-no for monsoon unless you drive yourself to work every day. Even then, we would say why not try something different. How about pairing up a colorful kurta or a trendy short kurti with a corresponding legging? Alternatively, you can also try pairing up a flamboyant and cheeky jegging with a bright single-colored top.

Less is More:

Too much or too dense makeup during monsoon is a complete no-no and anything against this will lead to a makeup disaster as soon as you step out in the rain no matter how water proof your make up is. Instead, try light makeup.

Start with applying a water-based foundation. Anything powdery can leave patches on the skin during the monsoon and thus isn’t preferable. Use the sponge to make sure its spread equally to the entire face. 

Next, use a darker blusher in the hollow place between the cheek bones. Then use a medium shade on the cheekbones and finish with the lightest shade on top of the cheekbone. This will help in accentuating the cheekbones. During the monsoon, try using cream-based blushes as they will stay longer and prevent patchy skin.

To complete the look, use a waterproof mascara and eyeliner and avoid the kohl for a while. If you are good at it, then use the eye liner to create the kohl effect. Use lip glosses in the shades of soft pink, light brown, or nude. You can use a lip-liner to make the color stay longer.


Extra tip: Never ever rub your face if it gets wet. Keep a pack of soft face tissues and use them to dab the water off of your face.

Judge a man by his friends and a woman by her shoes:

We’ve got the outfit and the makeup perfect to a T, but what about the footwear? This is the most painful part about dressing up in monsoon. Aren’t you nodding your head in agreement already? Well! You can stop nodding and instead pack your leathers and sandals away and bring out the wellingtons and the colorful synthetic and plastic ballerinas. Also, like we mentioned before this is the right time to buy those flips flops which you were secretly wishing to buy for your vacation on the beach. You can use them now to add funk and color to your wardrobe and later while you soak up the sun on the beaches of Thailand.



Yup! Absolutely. Gone are the days when umbrellas meant black and raincoats meant blue. These days there is no dearth of colors, patterns, combinations and style when it comes to rubber/gum boots, umbrellas, and raincoats. In fact, for some, keeping a collection of these is a hobby. Unbelievable, right? That’s what you‘d think before you own your first pair. While at it, why not shop for a cool waterproof bag to keep all your belongings safe and dry?



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