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When it comes to buying a perfect saree or a dress, we depend our choices on the season’s latest and the hottest trends. We refer to our very own Bollywood and Hollywood to see who’s wearing what, what’s making headlines, and what is a complete no-no. There is no doubt that the two industries are our main source of inspiration and how we choose to look from day to day can be credited to the newest and freshest of the clothes. However, we at Team Sareez believe that the men and women behind the curtains have to be credit as much (if not more) as the ones flaunting the apparels and making them super-hit.

You guessed it right! We are talking about the very talented and very creative fashion designers who spend sleepless nights and endless days designing what the superstars flaunt effortlessly.

It is true that we all know the names of the big giants such as Manish Malhotra, Vikram Phadnis, Ritu Kumar, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, and Neeta Lulla. However, those are the legendary designers who have made themselves as the milestones of the industry after spending several years touching, feeling, and designing each piece of a cloth material.

It is time to get acclimatized to and acknowledge the new and fresh designers who have changed the meaning of Fashion from being elegant to making a statement.

This week on Sareez , we bring to you some of the talented and fresh faces in the Fashion World. And, what’s better to kick start the show from our very own designers from the Bong-land..

Hello Kolkata!

Abhishek Dutta

Abhishek Dutta, 32, is one of Kolkata’s celebrated fashion designers who have his style and creativity speaks for himself globally.  He was launched internationally when he was invited as the only Indian designer to showcase at Bali fashion week in 2005 followed by Asia fashion week in 2006 and 2007 respectively. He loves working with hand loom and natural fabrics and experiments with asymmetrical cuts. His recent collection, Tangram, has its roots in the serious yet carefree Chinese puzzle.

Paromita Banerjee


Paromita Banerjee, 28, is a Kolkata based fashion designer whose collections are motivated by “normal” people. Her main focus is to be able to tell a “story” through her cloth line. “A local approach to global sensibilities” guides the creations of Paromita Banerjee’s eponymous label. The sole designer to represent India at the Shanghai chapter of the World Fashion Organization under the United Nations in 2010, Paromita’s latest collection “Haat” is a visual feast in terms of colors and textures inspired by the feel of a local market.

Agnimitra PaulAgnimitra Paul

After a diploma course from the fashion institute of the Birla Institute of Liberal Arts and Management Sciences, Agnimitra Paul, 39, launched her label, Inga, in 1997. From designing jerseys for Mohan Bagan footballers to decking up film stars and celebrities, Paul’s repertoire is varied and exciting. With Indian crafts and textiles at the heart of her creations, Paul’s designs are given a contemporary twist with western cuts. The designer’s latest collection is inspired by the Madhubani paintings of Bihar.

Komal Sood


After she completed a one-year course in fashion design at NIFT, Kolkata, launching her own label Komal Sood was a natural progression for Komal Sood, 38. Since 2005, her label has evolved to embrace a level of glamour and sophistication that is associated with starry evenings and classy cocktail parties. Sood’s creations are characterized by defined cuts, flowing silhouettes and intricate embroidery. Her latest collection called The Twilight Seduction, presented at the Lakme Fashion Week, is an ode to demi-couture, an intermediate level of luxury fashion.

Kallol Datta

Kallol Datta

Kallol Datta’s trademark kohl-lined eyes and flowing mane are strongly reminiscent of his ‘wild child’ days when the 28-year-old had just stepped into the world of fashion. Quirky prints, geometric patterns, smart drapes, unusual silhouettes and bold textures have made his outfits stand out both on the ramp and the racks. “For a designer like me who is going through a minimalist phase and is not into theatrics of any sort, it was great to have done a finale so early on in my career,” he says.

Soumitra Mondal


Soumitra Mondal, 33, is a not only a fabulous designer but also a living prodigy claiming that designers are born out of passion and not big names on their degrees. A diploma at a local institute and a three-year stint as an assistant of Rahul Gupta, another ace fashion designer, is all he had to make his name amongst the giant names like Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar, and Vikram Phadnis. His label, Marg, launched in 2002, had to go through a series of ups and downs till he finally achieved a breakthrough on the national platform with a Lakme Fashion Week showing in 2007. Bengal is at the core of Mondal’s creations on textiles. His latest collection, Bunon, which means weaving, focuses on textiles of the old Bengal weaves, Jamdani and Khadi.

Tell us about your favorite designers and the ones you may want to feature on our next post.

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