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The New Beginning with Campus Fashion


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What is the first thought that comes to your mind thinking about your college or university, the books, the tests, the strict librarian, the cute English teacher or the handsome maths teacher? No, it cannot be all these. The first thought is about your fashion statement. In fact getting yourself ready to go to a college or university might have been an exciting event in your life.

What to wear today in college? What will look perfect on me? These are the few questions which leave you musing on the extremely difficult problem of your everyday student life. So are you in the game to know what is suggestible to you for your college days fashion statement? Let us begin:

The first and foremost thing you have to do while selecting your fashion is to study your prospectus really well, to see if there is some dress code in the college. If there is a dress code then you can mix a certain style of yours’ with the dress code. And if a dress code does not exist, you are a free bird.


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The summer time brings its own unique style. Let us consider a biker jacket that the girls frequently wear to a few college events. This is extremely easy to wear along with mix and match it with various styles. As the new academic season comes, designer begins designing matching attires. Fashion in college campus includes almost all as there are lots of students with diverse tastes and styles.


It provides a wide variety of attires for you. You can combine trousers with graphical, polka dots or stripes shirts. Denims with turtleneck tops or even with tank tops are fashionable, obviously if these don’t break your campus dress code.

The light and cool shades kurtas and kurtis with suitable bottoms for boys and girls respectively. This look gives the essence of Indian tradition to the students wearing them.

india teacher prejudice

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Again long skirts with tees or tank tops are good combo for girls with accessories including stylist shoes, leather bags, light imitation jewelleries, scarves, etc.

The boys can go for trousers and denims with shirts and t-shirts. There are no limitations or rules of how creative you can be with your fashion statements. College allows lots of different styles, like from casual outfits to more formal wear.


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In winter season, students can doll up in long coats, sweaters, boots, gloves and woollen clothes, irrespective of a boy or a girl, with suitable bottoms. During the winter time, you may typically prefer to wear clothes of dark colours to reflect the kind of moods and weather.

Some of you like to set your own fashion statement while in college campus. College campus is the place where fashion spreads epidemically, particularly amongst girls, where they compare how good their collection is relying on what others are wearing. Designers have chipped in plenty in the industry of fashion and have left a huge influence on the campus students, who are the greatest fashion lovers.

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