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Top 5 colours of Indian Fashion world this winter

A minty green, angelic white or berry red clothing in winter? – Sounds absurd? Hey! Chill. You can wear all these colours in winter. Get yourself ready for the top 5 colours of this winter and brighten up your and your wardrobe’s look.

It is true that winter time is famous for dark colours like navy blue or black or even fern green. But it is no harm to try out the bright colours which will give you great feeling about your look.


Spice up with Blues


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Blue is the impressive shade for this winter and has managed its way in the fashion line of many Indian fashion designers. A blue churidar from Rohit Bal’s collection or a Sapphire saree, a Persian Blue gorgeous lehenga, etc. from any designer collection will make your day at any occasion this winter.


The delicate Black and White


The mishmash of black & white has maintained its dominance at a steady pace this season as well. The fashion designers always come with something innovative with this combo in a brighter way. In addition you can wear the accessories of different colours to give a twist in the tale.


The royal Gold


Talking about the delicate shades, we can’t miss to mention the extravagant attires having the golden shade. The shimmery texture this shade produce is an instant hit amongst the buyers of this colour. A golden colour saree, lehenga, kurta give the feel of Indian royal tradition in an extensive way.


The passionate Red


Red is without a doubt the most noteworthy and promising colour of this season when talking about fashion. Designers are constantly working on this colour to provide one after one collection. The Carmine Red or the Aurora Red is specifically a hit this season as they represent the sparkling and glamorous twinge to the looks.


The sunny Yellow


This shade is the great design solution that lots of fashion designer chose this winter. As this shade counterbalance the dark shades, this shades proves perfect for any look whether it is Indian or Western. It has gained an impressive amount of popularity in fashion world.


Thus here we were with the colours that will work the best for you this winter. Do not forget to get in touch with us and give your valuable suggestion in the comment box. Use these colours, if possible, and spice up your wardrobe making it a bit different and exiting!!!

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