Wedding Attires

For Your Fairy Tale Wedding

Aha!!! Have you dreamt your wedding to be a fairy tale one? With the widest range of bridal wear available in the fashion market regularly innovated by our talented fashion designers, you can surely plan that.

To tell you the truth, a vital part of ensuring a fruitfully splendid Indian wedding is a gorgeous and glowing bride. It is the extent of her extravagant grace that closes the wedding to a true success.

Indian designers are regularly adapting their designs to rising attention in western fashion characteristics are continually trying to break the barrier. They show innovation through new and exciting colours, patterns and cuts appealing to the ever-increasing global audience of bridal sarees, lehengas, sherwanis and salwars. Combining traditional styles with contemporary western influences has become the vogue for today’s Indian bridal wear for the modern day designers. Just have a glance to some of the examples:


Image Source:

Neeta Lulla created a combination of jackets and sarees providing stylish and stunning looks for the brides.


Image Source:

Gaurav Gupta went with the endeavour of modernizing the traditional Ghagras by creating the outline of a skirt and blouse while still providing them a sari wrap. Do you like these? Here is a similar one:



Image Source:


Fashion designer, Shantanu and Nikhil combined gold and white together in a marvellous inspiring blend. Golden colour added quick accents to white creating a grand and extravagant look for any bride.


Image Source:

Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s bridal collections always carry an intense touch of Indian flavour. They are exclusive for their intricate embroideries, colours and the hand-picking various materials.


Image Source:

Anju Modi, who gave the beautiful ghagras to Deepika Padukone in Ramleela, creates a blend of sophisticated, bold and tribal collections. Her bridal pieces will evoke the emotions of grandeur for you.

During the last few years the styles of the Indian bridal wears have altered from traditional Indian designs to a blend of varied tastes fitting in the western influence. You can witness the change of styles in the bridal fashion weeks organised all the years round to present the unique collections of the fashion designers. Be present in one of them to discover your choice of the bridal collections. Stay fashionable!!

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