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Wedding Look in this Valentine’s Day

What would be a better wedding day for passionate lovers than the Valentine’s Day? Just like each year, the lovers’ day is celebrated with sparks of colour trend. And in case if you are planning to have your wedding on the Valentine’s Day, colours will play an important role as this 14th of February will be a blend of special day for you.

Not certain how to carry out a Valentine’s Day wedding look with style:

Let us imagine from where to begin. Okay, think about Valentine’s Day and what it means to you. Think of the colours that will dominate on your wedding on the most romantic day of the year.

 Modish designs


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At any Indian wedding generally, the bride and the groom prefer to wear traditional wedding attires even if they are having their wedding on Valentine’s Day. Fashion designers make changes in the designs and patterns for the wedding attires of the special day, keeping the flavour of tradition intact. You can have heart shape patterns, to specially celebrate Valentine’s Day along with your wedding.

Jazzy colours

For wedding attire the selection of colours is extremely important along with other details. For a Valentine’s Day wedding obviously the red and pink colour will rule the colour theme for the brides specially.

 Red wedding attires


Red is the ultimate colour of love. In addition, red is a pious colour for wedding. Now combining both love and wedding you can select red attire as your wedding day on Valentine’s Day. Red wedding attire with matching accessories will make the ambience of Valentine’s Day complete.

 Pink wedding attires


Pink is another colour of love and a popular shade which is used for wedding attires. You can choose your attire from all the shades of pink which will suit you the best. If you are not comfortable with whole pinky affair, add a different colour dupatta with your attire.

Attractive attires


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The most preferred and popular Indian traditional attires for wedding is either saree or lehenga choli. But for Valentine’s Day wedding attire, there is twist in the tale by the talented new age designers. These designers innovate different styles and mix them with traditional style to make your look extra special for your Valentine’s Day wedding.

So what is your Valentine’s Day wedding look choice? Do share with us and also feed us with your valuable suggestion to improve this space. Stay fashionable for this Valentine’s Day.

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