What to wear this Holi

Holi, the festival of color is here and you have most probably started wondering how to dress right for the color splash and while doing this, stay chic and look stylish.  If this is your concern too, here are some tips that you must follow in order to not damp the festive fervor and enjoy the color splashes the best way.

What to wear this Holi

Dress Sensibly

While you are immersed in and enjoying the festivities, you wouldn’t want unwanted attention or the colors to damage to your skin. So, make sure that you dress down and dress right.  Holi is not about wearing old, worn out clothes because then your skin will be exposed and at the receiving end of harmful colors and chemicals. Don’t wear body hugging and transparent clothes. Choose light yet cheerful color tones in pastels and peach. Floral prints also go well with the theme of spring and colors.


Use rubber footwear to stay comfortable and avoid tripping. Avoid wearing branded sunglasses, precious jewelry and footwear to keep them safe.Don’t wear socks as wet socks can make you susceptible to catch cold.  Use bandana, cap or dupatta to cover your hair.


Layer up!

The best way to protect from harmful colors and water in this changing season is to layer up. Wear inners, vests and shorts underneath. These additional layers will protect your skin from coming direct contact with the colors and water.

Look chic


Waterproof makeup is the way to go when you are playing Holi with water.  Make sure to remove precious and fragile jewelry which can be misplaced or get damaged in the chaos. Wear light and imitation jewelry if you must.

The After-Party

The evening time is for the casual get together with family and friends. Here you can get dressed up all you want. It is better to stick to traditional and sophisticated outfits. While silk kurta-pajamas or short kurtas with denims are the perfect option for men, women can wear saree, Anarkali suit and mix-and-match kurtis with leggings. Matching jewelry like earrings and bangles can add jazz and glitter to the overall look. Men can opt for ear studs, bracelets and rings to complement their traditional ensemble.

Go simple but dress the way you like

While we cannot emphasize enough over to dress simple and avoid anything branded or flare, it is also true that you should be wearing clothes that suit your body type and you are most comfortable in so that you could  enjoy the festival the most and don’t feel embarrassed because of the clothes.  If a rugged, old pair of denims with white short kurta is your pick, why not? If you are comfortable playing holi in saree or harem pants, there you go!

Hope the pointers have helped to bring you out from the dilemma of do’s and don’ts for Holi. Before signing off, sending you wishes of Happy Holi on your way and may you live long to see the joyous colors of life.  Happy Holi, folks!

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